is a 2008-created website that lets users indirectly download video content from entertainment giants YouTube, Facebook and more. Because there is no option to download from these entertainment sources directly. Users get exposure to download their favourite media content available on YouTube and Facebook.

However, provides content through these entertainment sources. But it also engages malware sites in your browser. On the other hand, it continuously displays pop-up ads that irritate a lot. For this reason, users want to remove that virus from their browser. So, follow the below guide for removing it.

How to Remove Helper Ads asks you to provide the source link address through which it connects and downloads. And whenever you visit this site, it shows a pop-up for show notifications. On its arrival, make sure to click on the block. Otherwise, You will frequently get annoying malware ads and pop-ups. And this results in less secure browsing.

Moreover, Along with pop-ups, the site advertises many malware programs that collect your browsing behaviour and may affect your security. Although, there are uncountable advertisements on But, according to observation, there are five programs that advertise and spread the virus. does not require any cost to download the source video. For sure, the Advertisement of these malware programs is the primary source of their revenue. So, make sure not to not allow any notifications on that site. Additionally, make sure what file you are downloading on it. Because sometimes, it shows something but downloads malware programs instead of or along with the main file.

However, Do not worry if you mistakenly enabled that push notification, as you can remove it manually or Automatically. But, To get away from that malware as soon as possible. Below we are sharing some instructions to remove it.

Note: Here, we have taken Google Chrome as a reference in which we blocked the suspicious links notification. So, You also do the same thing on your browser.

  • , Open Google Chrome on your Pc.
  • Click on the three-dot button at the top right.
  • Select Settings and scroll down to the Advanced option.
  • Under Advanced, click on the Privacy and Security Section.
  • Now, Select Content Settings << Notifications.
  • Following this, You”ll see a list of URLs on your screen.
  • Locate the Suspicious link and click on the three-dot menu on each link.
  • Then, Click on the Block/Remove option on it.
  • That’s it; Virus will be removed.

Furthermore, You can automatically remove the virus using third-party virus-removing applications. You get total exposure to clean your device virus-free through those application services. Overall, is the best way to download entertainment content but beware of such malware notifications.