Samsung released the Phone repair mode, which comes in handy when you send or take your device to technicians for repair. Now users can have peace of mind by expanding their security and privacy with Knox and Knox’s vault-like functionality.

Repair mode will lock your sensitive data from accessible; this is currently available on Samsung Galaxy S21 (Sout Korea) and is expected to roll out to other Samsung devices. Not to mention, Samsung still asks users to keep a complete backup of their device before Repairing it.

Users will receive Samsung Repair mode with an OTA update. It takes a while to reach all Samsung devices since it is currently rolling out in batches which are relatively slow.

How to enable Samsung Repair Mode

Samsung Repair Mode ensures your data isn’t stolen during phone repair
Courtesy: Samsung Newsroom
  • Open Device Settings.
  • Head over to battery and Device card.
  • From there, Enable Repair Mode.
  • That’s it!

After enabling this, your device needs to reboot, and some stock applications remain active. It looks like your device has been reset to factory data. To disable the Repair mode, Reboot your device, and you need to unlock it with a fingerprint or PIN.

Any files during the repair process will be removed and returned to the Pre-activated state. This feature seems quite useful, and we did like to see other manufacturers build this on their devices.

Nobody wants to leave a phone to someone, and It might be possible that your data leaked during the process. Reportedly, it happens, and To protect your photos, Texts, and other private info with the help of Samsung’s Repair Mode. Samsung didn’t confirm the global release, and still unknown.