Samsung typically offers a free memory upgrade for the Galaxy Smartphone during the pre-order period or after a year. However, Samsung has recently announced its latest deal, which includes a free memory upgrade. This offer is limited to the USA only, making it a rare opportunity for Samsung, as they usually do not offer this until a new generation of devices is launched.

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The free memory upgrade is for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Lime (512GB). This offer is only available in the USA for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Users can get a 512GB Lime Green Galaxy S23 Ultra with this offer. To get more out of this offer, users can use the trade-in program to save up to an additional $750 on the Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB variant. There is yet to be a fixed date for how long this offer will be available, as it can expire anytime.

To claim your free memory upgrade, follow these steps:

Get a free 512GB memory upgrade for a limited time with the Lime Green Galaxy S23 Ultra from Samsung.

Samsung offers a free memory upgrade to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and a discount of up to $750 via trade-in.

This offer is not for the Carrier version but only for Unlocked devices. Carrier Locked users will only receive a trade-in bill credit of up to $800. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB usually costs $1379.99, but with this offer, you can get the same device for $1199.99, saving $180. In addition to the device, you will get 4 months of YouTube Premium, 3 months of free Spotify Premium, 6 months of SiriusXM Streaming, 6 months of 100GB of OneDrive Cloud Storage, and lastly, 2 months of free Adobe Lightroom for Galaxy.

Samsung offers a free memory upgrade to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and a discount of up to $750 via trade-in.

Without trade, you can save up to $180 on the device. To avail of this offer, buyers need to pay for the 256GB variant of the device, and they will get a 512GB for $1,199. Also, note that this offer does not apply to all color variants. Instead, it is only available for the device’s Lime Color variant, which is a free online-exclusive color option.

The Lime color variant of the device also looks excellent with its own vibes. The device is finished with a silver frame with a black S-Pen with a clicker that matches the frame’s color. So, if you have been looking to purchase a Galaxy S23 Ultra, it’s the best time to get yourself a Galaxy S23 Ultra, and this discount will be available on the Samsung E-shop in the USA. It’s also worth checking out your nearest local Samsung Online Store if you have been buying from another country.