Samsung released a new update for Good Lock Module, One Hand Operations+, Apart from fixes and improvements. This update adds new capabilities for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Series and Galaxy Tablets.

The app is now more stable, and the company fixed the Quick Tool icon visibility issue, Flashlight brightness issue and also widget layouts. Notably, this update primarily aimed to enhance the experience for the Galaxy Fold and Tablet.

The update comes with Android 13-based One UI 5.0 support, and One Hand Operations+ v5.8.19.0 now allows users to hide or show the taskbar on Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Tablet. Also focusing on making its stock apps compatible with One UI 5.0.

Good Lock is limited to some regions, due to region lock but you can use it on any Galaxy Smartphone because this is a stand-alone app. With this app, you can enable on-hand usability for your Galaxy Device. Which is way more customizable, and this update is likely to take some time during its initial rollout for all eligible devices.

One Hand Operation+ is available to download for free from Galaxy Store, and APK from apk mirror or get this version here weights ~6.3MB . If your device runs the One Ui 5.0 then you won’t have to worry about compatibility with the Good Lock App.