I Don’t Know that you Know or Not that the Samsung Company is Sued for Misleading Customers. But I Want to Let you know that it is More than What it Lookalike.

First thing First, Let me Clear you that the Device Nowadays is mostly Water-Resistant. Which Means the Device is able to handle Fresh Water With No Issue. Which is Measured With an IP Rating. The Minimum Rating for any Device Nowadays is IP62 ~ IP68. IP68 Rating Means It Can Protect your Smartphone for 30 Minutes under 1.5 Meters (~5M).


Where users think that the Device is been Fine if we Use it Under the Swimming Pool and Sea. We all know that Swimming pools Contain a Massive Amount of Chlorine to Kill Bacteria. But here is the Catch that Chlorine Start Corroding the Rubber Seal on your Device Easily. However, Sea Water getting it More Worse. Not to Mention Rubber Seal is Used to Keep Out thing out.

Samsung SUED

So, THE ACC (Australian Competition Authorities ) Helps Users to Buy a Correct Device and Keep an Eye on these manufacturers. The Report a Good No of Scenario Where Samsung Advertise their Smartphone Being used Near Swimming Pools.

Meanwhile, The Creative Team Who Films the Advertise have Noting to Do With Manufacture. Where these Guys Show the Device is a Waterproof Smartphone. When the ACC Invested they Find 300 Situations Where Samsung Literally Advertise these Kind of Scenarios.

On the Other Hand, Samsung also Don’t Cover the Device in Warrently if the Device is Damage by Water. Means they Clearly Refusing Responsibility, I Think if they are Advertise There Phone With Water they Need to take Responsibility for it.

Samsung sued over water-resistant – Samsung is Geeting SUED Just Before the Launch of Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10 Plus: Behind the Scene “The Real Reason”

Now, Let’s Talk about the Problem. The Thing is that it Not only about Samsung it about Whole industry. The Previous 5 years We See a lot of Extremes Advertise Marketing. So you can Downplay your Competitors. Today, We have More Smartphone than They Ever Have Been. Even the manufacture Producing More Smartphone Then before.

Samsung SUED

Here the Apple has Gone from 1 Year to 3, And there Were More OEM Who is Pushing the market Forward. The company are Misleading Users Definity Yes, Even on their Social media. Currently, Samsung tells Reuters is Head of Marketing and Plans to Fight the Case.

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