The company has faced major criticism with its last series of the Game Optimizing Service (SoC). However, users can disable this on their smartphones. The GOS Service throttles the CPU and GPU to improve the gaming experience, but it is still having issues with offering a constant high-frame rate while playing games.

The Game Optimization Service prevents devices from overheating by lowering the screen resolution and CPU performance, which is why the Game Optimization Service is unable to continue offering an optimal gaming experience.

To resolve this issue, Samsung released an update last year which allowed users to disable the Game Optimization Service (GOS) while playing games. This year, Samsung enabled GOS by default on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, but now it gives users the control to disable GOS while playing games.

On the other hand, Samsung has improved its cooling system, so you can expect a significant improvement in the gameplay experience. Samsung said that this time around, the Galaxy S23’s cooling system is 1.6x better than the S22, 2.8x better than the S22+ on the S23+, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra is 2.3x better than the S22 Ultra.