Samsung starts working on their upcoming flagship series, the Samsung Galaxy S21. Where the device expected to bring bleeding-edge technology on there Smartphones.

First thing first, the device will come with most awaited Under Display selfie camera technology. Not to mention, there were several difficulties that Samsung had to face. The most obvious thing is the image quality. Meanwhile, Samsung could manage it with its world-class Samsung screen division. They were the world-leading mobile Display manufacturing plants, even the Oppo and Xiaomi has also showcased the under-display camera Technology.

On the other hand, Huawei is also likely going to participate in under-display camera Technology for there upcoming Smartphone. Even Samsung is working on the selfie camera Technology to improve the image quality.


to reports, the device will come with an enhanced camera experience using a large sensor size for a device alongside a potentially Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). However, the device finalized with two device camera sensor prototype as the ½-inch in size with OIS. Whereas the Galaxy S20 and S20+ having an 1/3.2-inch sensor size. However, the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra suggests it comes with a 40MP sensor of sensor size ½.65-inch in size.

Furthermore, the OIS likely to be used with the smallest sensor, notably with ½.55-inch. However, the device such as the iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy S10s also use the same technology in their primary camera sensor.

Samsung is also going to improve their camera software technology to boost the Low-light photography allow to take a longer shutter speed with the help of OIS. Even a larger sensor means more light is going to process. In contrast, the smaller the sensor means it could easily be used for Under display camera technology with it’s thin characteristics.

If you don’t know much about the this then let me know you that it is possible to used OIS in the selfie camera. HTC And Sony have used the OIS selfie with there HRC 10 and Sony Xperia XA ultra.

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