Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. Samsung has already working on the device. Where there were a lot of details Surface online that looking like a legend source revealing it’s
a specification and features unnecessary. So let’s take a closer look at the device in no more about it.

To clear this kind of speculation the Ross Young, Founder and CEO of Display comes forward and confirms
that there will be no Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. However, everyone is thinking about the device that
it will and will within three new smartphones that having and Ultra device for sure. Having said that the
device no 20 Ultra would not be the case to discuss.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series definitely going to include a Samsung Galaxy Note 20
and Samsung Galaxy Note 20+. Whereas, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 plus would be the highest
configuration device by Samsung themselves. So, the device is going to BCom with and 6.87 inches of
the display panel that supports 1440 pixel resolution.

Furthermore, the display panel of the device also would be equipped with a 120Hz of screen refresh
rate. Not to mention the device also allows the user to switch between 60 hertz and expectedly 90 of screen
refresh rate respectively with its pixel resolution at that meantime.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 standard version will come with a 6.47 inch of the display
panel that having a 1080 pixel resolution. There the device also going to deliver and 120 hertz of screen
refresh rate. Moreover, the display panel is been manufactured by Samsung display division them self
that likely to be utilizing the OLED panels, those display panel that has using the LTPO display

The main advantage of this kind of display technology is that the device is Queen to consume 5 to 15%
less power than LTPS panels. Moreover, there were certain flickers and tipster those confirm the details were
legitimate. Unfortunately, there is no for the details available about the device yet but we would expect
more information would be surfaced soon.

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