Samsung Electronics announced a new software update for the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 and Watch series yesterday. On an official note, Samsung said this upcoming update is meant to focus on and enhance the camera capabilities of Samsung smartphones. Samsung smartphones offer enhanced videography and photography, but this update will improve it even more.

Samsung’s new software updates for the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 and Galaxy Watch Series aim to

In addition, the upcoming update will include several brand-new features. The main attractions are 360-degree audio recording and camera control. However, these features are included in the updated software package but may only be available on some Samsung smartphones. Samsung addressed all the issues, but only some are aware of them. Here, we will discuss them.

360-degree audio recording and enhance the camera zoom controls experience and performance

I am pleased to inform you that a new software update is now rolling out for the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 and the Watch 4, 5, and 6. However, this update is dedicated to improving the camera capabilities of these Galaxy accessories. I only want to know about the two brand-new features, so let’s first discuss them.

360-Degree Audio Capture

Earlier, you could not record video sound as you heard it. But this is now possible with the newly released software update. With this, users can now record video sounds precisely as they listen. Additionally, users can now take advantage of the upcoming Bluetooth LE standard. This feature captures 360-degree sound using a microphone in each earbud.

With this feature, users can plug in their connected headphones and play the video on their device, whether they are in a festival crowd or a roaring place. Through software updates that started out yesterday, you can use this feature with the Galaxy Buds Pro 2, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Z Fold 4. Below are some instructions on how to update your Galaxy Buds Pro 2:

  • Connect the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 to your phone.
  • Open the Galaxy Store and download the Galaxy Wearables app.
  • Launch the Galaxy Wearables app and head to the earbud settings.
  • Tap on Earbud Software Update, then download and install it.
  • Once it’s installed, reconnect the earbuds and enjoy the newly added features.

The Galaxy Buds Pro 2 has been updated, and you may be wondering how to use the “360-Degree Audio Record” feature. Don’t worry; we are here to help. Navigate to the Samsung Camera app on your smartphone >> Camera settings after selecting Video mode >> Advanced video options >> Enable 360-Degree Audio Recording. For Buds Pro 2, you can follow the steps below:

Note: While following the steps below, ensure your earbuds are out of the case; otherwise, the 360-degree audio feature won’t display. 

  • Open the Galaxy Wearables app. 
  • Then, head to Earbud Settings. Tap on 360-degree audio and enable the toggle. 
  • Here you go. 
  • You can now hear sound from all directions and take advantage of the 360-degree audio feature’s other features.

Camera controller

Another potential Samsung feature is the Camera Controller.

Users can use this feature to control their phone’s camera from their Samsung Watch series. Users can also pinch-zoom in and ultimately control their phone’s camera via their watch. This includes the Galaxy Watch 5, Watch 5 Pro, Watch 4, and Watch 4 Classic. However, the Galaxy Watch series still needs to receive the update, which is expected to come out in February. Thus, the Camera Controller will also be available at Samsung’s Unpack Event that month. Still, you need to update your watch so that you can follow these steps:

Note: The Camera Controller feature will be available on Samsung devices with OneUI 5.1 or above supporting the Camera Controller app.

  • Open the Galaxy Wearables App.
  • Choose your watch’s settings.
  • Then tap on “Watch updates” >> “Download and install.”
  • Once it’s installed, restart your clock and enjoy the upgraded update.

Once you have updated your Samsung Watch, you can use the Camera Controller to control your phone. All you need to do is open the Camera Controller app on your watch. Following this, the camera will automatically launch on your connected phone. Next, point the phone’s camera to the desired location and tap Capture on the watch.

As of now, these are potential updates based on the information already disclosed. However, you will find out more at the Galaxy Unpacked Event scheduled for February 2023. Even though we have explained everything, if you still have any questions, please feel free to reach out below.