ROM Translation is one of the major decisions depending on user-to-user preference. Although, it could be beneficial as well as time-wasting. Because the whole scenario is accountable to individual users, even so, we have seen a lot of concerns raised regarding translating the ROM. Those users want a simple procedure for doing so.

Luckily, we did the same research and found some easy steps for translating ROM. But before starting, we want to say it is your own need to translate your ROM. However, we do not recommend such things. But, For user-raised queries below, we are sharing a guide to help in translating your ROM.

How Do I Translate ROM Into Any Language

While Translating the ROM, there are many things you should note. Among them, the foremost is selecting the stable ROM for Translation. The second is flashing your phone and other important prerequisites. Meanwhile, it was a tricky procedure, especially for translation. But, Do not worry. Below we have mentioned some instructions that ease the procedure.

Note: Here, we are taking ROM Translation to Greek as a reference. You can choose your desired one with the same procedure. VIA: Kiliss [XDA-DEVELOPERS]

  • Simply, Download Your Language Emulator file.
  • Next, Extract the file into a new folder.
  • Rename all 4xx files into 409 and apply the same to all files and folders.
  • Locate your base ROM and Download Anichillus kitchen.
  • Now, Dump your ROM and Go to the Dump folder.
  • Next, Paste all the language files renamed in step 3.
  • Then, Follow the On-screen Kitchen steps.
  • Now, Edit the Initflashes.dat file and translate all the links as per your language.
  • Save Initflashes.dat in Unicode and remove the first two bytes.
  • Next, Select your OEM Packages and build your ROM as per Kitchen Instructions.
  • That’s It, and Your ROM will be translated shortly.

Quick Reference for

Furthermore, these are the easy steps that you can follow for translating your ROM into any language. Although, we have briefed everything wisely. Even if any user has a query with the same, then, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.