After a few months, it had been almost a year since Samsung showed the world they were serious about the user experience. Yes, you guessed it right—I am talking about OneUI 5, which drastically changed all Samsung smartphones. Previously, our appearance on such devices was quite dull, or I can say simplistic, compared to other phone companies. I was noting that Samsung has proven itself with the launch of the OneUI 5.

OneUI 5 has given the user many things, such as an improved dynamic themed engine, easier lock screen customization, new multitasking gestures, text recognition in the gallery app, and many other things that a typical Samsung user craves to use. Again, developers have started the OneUI 6 beta program, but unfortunately, some users want to roll back. So, let’s understand why users want this and how to do it.

How to Roll Back to Stable One UI

As you may know, Samsung began the first OneUI 6 beta phase on August 11, 2023. During this beta phase, many users joined the program and enjoyed the new features in the upcoming UI. OneUI 6 beta showcased numerous things that users liked, such as less spam in the weather app, new widgets, redesigned quick settings, better camera iconography, more designed emojis, and many others.

However, since these features were added during the beta phase, users are expected to experience bugs or glitches. After all, the motive of beta programs is to find such downsides to new features. Similar things happened with the OneUI 6 beta, as users reported multiple problems with their Galaxy S23, such as battery draining, payment apps not working, and many other things. For this reason, Samsung users may want to shift to their previous OneUI stable version.

Considering the previous OneUI stable version, the only version that comes to mind is OneUI 5.1, which significantly contributed to the industry. All Samsung users are happy with this UI update. The problem is that people want to shift to such a stable UI version, but under OneUI 6 Beta, they need help finding the right way to roll back. We tried to find a straightforward way to roll back this concern. So, without any delay, let’s take a look.

  • Install the Samsung Member Application.
  • Then, open the app and opt for the withdrawal application from the beta program.
  • Now, use the Samsung Smart Switch on your PC and connect your phone to it.
  • After that, prepare a complete backup of your phone using Smart Switch.
  • Next, head into phone settings, enable the main auto-blocking toggle, turn off sub-switches, and switch off that main auto-blocking toggle.
  • Get into Smart Switch Settings on your PC and press downgrade there.
  • Then, the phone will accept the OneUI 5.1 rollback and reset to a stable OneUI.
  • Lastly, restore your previously backed-up data from Smart Switch.
  • Once done, you are now on the stable OneUI version.

So, these are the simple and easy ways to easily roll back to stable OneUI without losing any data. If you notice, the concern is the additional sub-options released after enabling the auto-block toggle. Most users get stuck at this point only, so they are craving to roll back to a stable UI. One thought also to keep in mind is that OneUI 6 beta is known to have issues, and very soon, such problems will be fixed and are more likely to be released in October 2023. Remember, the official date needs to be revealed.

class="wp-block-heading">Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I opt out of the Samsung beta?

Ans. The above instructions are keenly applicable to opting out of Samsung Beta.

Q2. Can I remove the beta?

Ans. Of course, the Samsung Member Application and Smart Switch would help you do so.

Q3. Is it safe to update the beta version?

Ans. We recommend that users who want to report bugs or experience new features join the beta.

Q4: Is the beta version unstable?

Ans. Beta versions are primarily introduced to check the new developments’ stability, so we can say beta versions are unstable.