In comparison to Resident Evil Village, this new version’s graphics and sound engineering have vastly improved. FPS has, however, been reported to drop occasionally by PC players. If you’re one of the many people who have experienced the FPS drops in Resident Evil Village on PC, we’re going to share with you a way to fix the problem.

Resident Evil Village’s PC version has been patched

In recent years, this issue has plagued the gaming industry. There are several causes for this, including faulty games and outdated software. So, before we get started, let’s explain how to fix FPS drops in Resident Evil Village for PC.

Closing resource-intensive apps is a good idea

  • Run the Task Manager.
    • Shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • If resources are being
    consumed more than expected, check out the applications.
  • Destroy unnecessary resources.
  • There you have it! It might be wise to double-check when you reopen Resident Evil Village…

By disabling Steam Overlay, you can fix PC FPS drop problems

  • Steam offers access to the Library.
  • Right-click Resident Evil Village, then select the properties tab.
  • The Steam Overlay During Gameplay option must be checked on the General Tab.
  • Then you’re done!

Install the newest version of your game

Developers regularly release improvements, bug fixes, and glitch fixes. Although, it is still possible that some problems will remain with the Updated patch. Update your game if it has a new update available.

Please check the developer’s support page after you’ve installed the update; ensure that the error is still displayed after the update is installed.

Graphics settings should be adjusted

You may have modified the graphic card driver. If so, you can fix it by trying this tweak.

NVIDIA graphics card control panel.

  • In the NVIDIA Control Panel, select Manage 3D Settings.
  • The Programs menu contains Program Settings.
  • After you add Resident Evil Village, adjust your graphics settings.
    • A feature has been disabled.
      • Images are sharpened.
      • Low latency is a feature of this model.
    • Syncing virtually.
    • Put your best foot forward.
    • Energy resource management.
    • They are making an effort.
    • Texuring of high quality.
  • Then click Apply to finish.

Regarding AMD

  • Open the AMD Radeon Settings tab and click the Gaming tab.
  • Afterwards, click on General Settings and input the information as follows.
    • You can prevent aliasing by adjusting your application settings.
    • This anti-analytical technique is known as multisampling.
    • Morphologies cannot be modified.
    • Anisotropy is turned off.
    • Texturing performance.
    • SUARE is optimized by default.
    • Wait for a vertical refresh if there is no specific application.
    • OpenGL triple buffers are enabled.
    • Shadow cache has been optimized by AMD.
    • Tessellation is AMD’s specialty.
    • Frame rates of 150 FPS are the goal.
  • It’s that simple.

Adjust the graphics settings in-game to fix FPS drops on PC.

  • Once Resident Evil Village has been launched, click on Start.
  • Go to the Options menu and select Display.
  • Here are the steps you need to follow.
    • Sliding scale: OFF
    • Texture (2GB) of high quality
    • (ANISO x16) is a commonly used texture filter.
    • There is a maximum mesh quality setting
    • It is enabled to trace by raytracing
    • There is a high level of reflexes and digestive system function
    • Please click the appropriate checkbox
      • Processing is underway
    • There is a quality to the light
    • Click Uncheck if it’s checked
      • Graphics loaded on the computer
      • Stunning images
    • Quantitative Graphics

Optimize your Windows system for optimal performance

  • Windows will ask you to run.
    • Press the shortcut key while holding down Windows + R.
  • Enter SystemPropertiesAdvanced and hit enter.
  • On the System Properties window, select Advanced.
  • Underperformance of Visual Effects can be chosen.
  • Adjusting the Performance for Best Performance results in the best performance.
  • There you have it!

Priority should be given to Resident Evil Village

  • Start the Task Manager by pressing the Windows Key + R (or by using Resident Evil Village).
  • After you click on Details, you’ll see Resident Evil Village.
  • On Resident Evil Village’s Set Priority menu, choose High.
  • The end!

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