Google introduced material you with Android 12, and it works with many Google apps using a system-wide theme engine that works. However, third-party applications are still in development, and somewhere it is limited for now, but you can create yourself a Material-You theme with Repainter 2.0.

Repainted 2.0

This app allows you to create a custom theme for your device using Google Material You Design, and This app is freemium, which means first you have a three-day trial to use and on-ward cost $4.99 USD. You can check out the app; if it fits, you can purchase it.

The app works on both root and non-root devices, but non-root devices require more effort compared to rooted devices. This app works best with Samsung devices over any other android device. The app received its major update; here are the highlights.

  • Now free to use, unlock all features with a free trial
  • Shareable theme profiles: save & share themes with the world
  • Search by color: find themes with your favorite color.
  • Website to get Profiles to download and Preview shared theme.
  • Pro-version adjusted for all countries.
  • Now more colorful.

Download Repainted 2.0 APK

Nonetheless, @kdrag0n made an app called PhantomAmp that allows for custom DSP and limitless effects, including audio-coupled haptics for any currently playing audio! He hasn't released it yet but gave me permission to try it out. What do you think? More info in the article!
Courtesy: @MishaalRahman

Those who like the Material You Dynamic color theme can download the app file from Google Play Store or download the app. & It’s only support Android 12,

Repainter · dynamic themes
Repainter · dynamic themes
Developer: kdrag0n
Price: Free

   Download Repainter · dynamic themes APK

Note: You need to use Split APKs Installer to install the app, Simply open the app and then select package through browsing to start installing apk.

On top of that, you now share profiles with your anyone; apart from this, Repainter 2.0 now has over 300+ Profiles to download and apply from the Reapinter website. Existing users who paid will be upgraded to the latest version.