If you have received the Apple Virus Warning Message, which is quite annoying today, we will be sharing how you can resolve this on your iPhone and iPad. A mobile device usually doesn’t have a virus. Most likely, these are other kinds of malware.

Malware badly affects your battery life, Bugs, Lag, Slow-performance, and more things like this. Follow the following instruction mentioned down below.

Check Virus or Malware on iPhone.

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If you wonder if there is any such, check if your device encounters any of the following.

  • App Failed: If your device crash unexpectedly or without any crash message.
  • Unknown App: Any app you haven’t download but installed on your device
  • Un-necessary Pop-up in browser: Receiving Notification on the browser (i.e., Safari)
  • Unrecognized Debit amount: Unexplained among transactions from your bank
  • Battery Drain: Your SOT (Screen-On-Time) changes due to battery drain. This is because malware consumes a lot of battery due to heavy-resource usage in the background.
  • Data Consumption: Heavy-usage of Data, even when you are not doing this, usually happen in Spyware where they continuously exchange/ transmit connection.
  • Warm Device: Mobile raise its temperature. Malware is one of the most common reasons for this issue.

How to Rectify ‘Apple Virus Warning Message’

It is a straightforward procedure, so without further ado, let’s check it out.

Update your iPhone to the Latest Version

  • Open Device Settings
  • Scroll and tap on General
  • Choose ‘Software Update’, and if you found your device outdated
  • Start updating your device from there. Click on Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • That’s it!

Restart your iPhone

Sometimes, due to unexpected startup failure or some remaining files or cache detected as a virus. To protect your device from unauthorized activity devices showing Virus Warning Message. By Restarting your device, you can potentially rectify the issue.

Clear Browser Cache, Data and History

  • Open Device Setting
  • Scroll and from there select Safari
  • Then, in the mid, you will found the Clear History and Website data option
  • Click on it, and it will Clear your Safari History and Website data
  • That’s it!

Uninstall Unknown App

If you found any app you haven’t installed or either the app, you think maybe it’s a thread-to yours. You must uninstall the Spyware; Press and hold on to the app you want to uninstall and click on the Remove app option.

Restore Backup to revert to Previous iPhone

  • Open Device Settings, Head over to General
  • From there, click on Reset and then Choose to Erase All Content and Settings
  • Afterwards, there you found the Backup Then erase option
  • Click on it, else you can choose to erase Now
  • Enter your Passcode to confirm your action; when it shows you App & Data, choose ‘Restore from iCloud Backup.’
  • That’s it

How to protect your iPhone from Malware, Spyware or any Virus

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Apart from Removing viruses, you must take necessary action to protect your device from any upcoming thread. This will keep your device healthy and protected from security thread.

  • Enable your iOS Update: With the update, you received a patch, which fixes and adds security.
  • Enable Automatic App Update: Some apps might get infected or having loopholes, so enabling Automatic-app updates could fix the update.
  • Only use the App Store application
  • Don’t attempt to Jailbreak your iPhone
  • Don’t open strangers links, attachments or download an app
  • Avoid Phishing or Pharming or Webcam hack


There is no Virus thing on iPhone; most likely, these are another kind of attack on your personal. Sometimes, due to unwanted app or jailbreak brings some trackers or things which can brick your device so due to such things Apple Protection algorithm triggers and shows you virus detection message.