India’s Popular battle royale “Free Fire” has a premium version that we call Free Fire MAX, testing for a new update. Free Fire MAX developers believe in game enhancement. So, they are about to release the OB35 update soon, expecting 20th July. And, with every update, they announce the Advance server to test the In-game changes.

Moreover, This advanced server is readily available on their official website, and the complete installation procedure is relatively easy. But, some gamers face difficulty installing advanced servers for the OB35 update. Keeping that in mind, below, we will cover all the important things relating to Free Fire MAX OB35 Advanced Server.

How do I Register for FF 0B35 Advanced Server?

Free Fire MAX is the frontline version of the original Free Fire game. It was introduced to deliver premium gameplay. But, due to some security concerns, Free Fire got banned in numerous countries, including India. Instead, Free Fire MAX is fulfilling the original game’s desire. Recently, Free Fire MAX has opened registration for the 0B35 update.

Certainly, From 7th July, developed opened registration to participate in the OB35 update advance server. But, some users are still waiting for it. Because, after registration, you need to download 0B35 Update advanced server APK. So, let’s look at both of them in the given break-up.

Steps to Register for OB35 Advanced Server

Suppose you try to directly download the OB35 Advance server APK. Then, you might fail to experience new things in the update. Because, as with every update, you must first register yourself and opt for downloading the APK. So, below are some instructions to easily register for the OB35 advancer server.

  • Simply, Visit Free Fire Advanced Server Page.
  • Next, log in with your respective account.
  • Fill in the given survey and tap on submit.
  • That’s it, and You have successfully registered for the OB35 Advance server.

Steps to download OB35 Advance server APK

After registering for Free Fire MAX advance server, you are now eligible to download its APK file. You must visit its official website and get an activation code to download such apk. So, below are some instructions to download the OB35 Advance Server APK file.

Note: We are trying to download the OB35 advance server APK. So make sure to enable unknown source installation from your device settings.

  • Firstly, Head to Free Fire MAX Advance Server Website.
  • Then, Login with your credentials.
  • Next, Tap on the APK download button.
  • Once downloaded, Install the downloaded Advance server APK.
  • Following this, You will get an activation code.
  • Next, Launch the game and log in with Guest mode using the activation code.
  • That’s it, and You are now ready to play OB35 Advanced Server.

What’s new with Garena Free Fire MAX OB35 Update?

As a successor update, it has numerous punchy features that make the game more improved than before. However, this is not a significant update but seems to be a major update. Because many minor changes are attempted to this update, for a quick look, below are the most valuable features introduced by the OB35 update. So, let’s take a look and learn more about it.

  • Two Mystery Characters
  • A new pet – Hoot
  • Added new SMG-PP-19 Bizon
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Flexible Weapon Adjustment

Besides that, there are some significant changes that you will see in the future OB35 update. But they are like usual changes in the game. So, among the different changes, we found the above five changes the most worthwhile.

The Garena Free Fire MAX OB35 Update would be better, especially for players for such a changelog. But, the advanced server was active for the last 12 days. It means there might be some changes in the game. The final round will be released soon, probably on 20th July 2022.