Hey Whatsup guys, Today We are going to Discuss Ping Issue. Let’s Try to Fix this Issue Regarding So, Without Further Delay Let’s Ride into This Video. Not to Mention This This`is Not only applicable for Pubg But also Useful for Other Internet Activity as Well.

First thing First, What is Ping. Ping is a Term to Measure, How Much time your Intenet takes Times to Communicate With your Server.

Guide how to lower your ping in Mobile PUBG Android and iOS: Video Tutorial via GamingFUNDA.

#1 Make Sure Background Service is Turned Off.

Before Starting the Game, Check That Which application access Major Internet. Sometimes, We Don’t Rember about Downloading Files and Auto Google Play Store Updates. You can Turn off the Application Intent Activity throughout the Security app of your Device. Also, Turn off the Sync of your Device.

  • Open your Security App
  • Click on Data Usage
  • Tap on Restrict Data Usage
  • Mark those apps, Which you didn’t Want to Use in Background.

After you FInish the Game Turn On and Allow Apps to Acess Internet. This Will help your Mobile to Focus on that Particular Application and Don’t Distribute the Internet across your All apps.

Reduce Ping

#2 Use your Mobile Data Instead of Wi-Fi

If Your Wi-Fi is Used by A lot of People, Like your Family Member then you have to Face Problem. In Response, you Have High Ping and Slow Internet Connectivity.
Not to Mention, If there Were more than 2 Connected Device With your Wi-Fi then the Speed is Divided into those devices. Even if the Ideal Connected in Ideal Conditions It Run Background Software and Application Which Continuously Use the Internet.

The Better thing is that, What if you Use your Own Mobile Data. Meanwhile Multiplayer Game Like Pubg Doesn’t Need a lot of Connectivity Speed. So You can Still Use your Mobile Data WIthout any Problem.

#3 Always Connect your Nearest Server location

Reduce Ping

Most of the People Doesn’t Realise that but, if you Play Game on Other Region then You have to Face Problem Definitely. This Allow you to Communicate Between you and Server Faster than Selecting any Other Server Location. Pubg is a Server Based Multiplayer Game, So If you Select Far Location From you So
It Needs Some time to Response. But if you Select your Nearest it Will Definitely Improve Speed and Ping.

In the End, I Can Only Say that, If your Intent is Focus on a particular Thing then you Will Experience Great ping and Intenet Connectivity. Under the Hood.

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Thanks for Being With us, Share your Opinion and Feedback in the Comment Section Down Below. Stay tuned for More Further Updates.