Redmi’s upcoming flagship has officially been announced for launch and is scheduled for release on March 24th. Where the device itself seems to be quite robust with the top-notch specs, not to mention. Redmi K30 Pro 5Gwill launch initially in China and later arrive at other countries.

AnTuTu Benchmark for Redmi K30 Pro

It has always been essential to understanding the hardware performance with the help of Benchmark and the AnTuTu benchmark image shared by Redmi Product manager. Where it is quite comparable with the Honor V30 Pro and  Redmi k30 achieve a Score od 610296 and Honor V30 with 489605.

Redmi K30 Pro 5G


AnTuTu benchmark perform with the latest AnTuTu v8.2.8. Where the Honor v30 is powered by Kirin 990 and the Redmi K30 with snapdragon 865 paired with LPDDR5 Ram alongside UFS 3.0.

bAs the video shared by Redmi Product manager. it revealed the original design language of the device. Where it comes with Quite thin bezels and a china and a punch-hole camera sensor placed on device left corner of the invention.

What is the difference between Redmi Flash Storage and Honor Rapid Storage?

First thing first, there was some fundamental difference between both devices in terms of Software algorithm and hardware. Where the device with UFS 3.0 delivers a speed of 400MB/s and V30 deliver a Speed of 260MB/s. It clearly shows the Redmi K30 having more rate as for onboard storage.

Likely, the Redmi K30 UFS 3.1 onboard storage known as the Turbo flash charge uses a sequential read and write speed to provide a 750MB/s. Even it more power-efficient makes it more beneficial as for speed and experience. Notably, the UFS 3.1 is faster than UFS 3.0 but with some Software optimization and improvement. It could make your UFS 3.0 equivalent to UFS 3.2 in terms of sped and performance.

Redmi K30 Pro renders and Design

According to reports and leaks, the device will come with a Quad Rear camera sensor aligned horizontally inside a Circular module quite similar to previous Redmi K20. Still, the Redmi K30 seems to be more minimalistic. Even the Redmi logo places on the middle and the bottom of the rear panel.

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