PUBG: Battlegrounds continuously brings major changes and improvements to the game. This game not only gives the user a good experience, but it also keeps the player’s adventure going by giving them different things to do in the game. They have also made a lot of different skins based on the Power Rangers theme.

The theme was started this month when Season 13 came out, which started the month. From the release, they’re worth some money, but not all of it If you follow these steps, you can get those power ranger skins for free. So, in this article, we’ll talk about how to get PUBG’s free power ranger skins.

How to redeem PUBG’s free power ranger skins

Every player wants a Power Ranger Skin. Then, most people don’t get it. As long as you trust the Twitter account of PlayerIGN, you can easily get those Power Rangers skins.

But, before you can do that, you need to do some important things. Without them, you can’t move forward. So, let’s move on to the steps below.

  • Firstly, change the system language to Simplified Chinese.
  • Next, select the website via the news banner located at the top right of the lobby.
  • As a result, you will see a variety of ranger skins on your screen.
  • Redeem a ranger skin each week.

Note: Red unlocks after 4 weeks, and other skins are from login crates.

This means that over time, you will build up a small collection of power ranger skins.

After following the steps above, you can get the Power Ranger Skin for free. However, it can’t be used all at once. To get the game, you have to wait for the time limit. With the above steps, you can then choose to do this. If any users are still not sure how to redeem their points, they can just watch the first half of the video.

Note: While this video is for a different skin, the steps for redeeming it are similar for the Power Ranger Skin. Also, keep in mind that its first half is useful and the best part is not for you.

Hopefully, we can now expect that you all have accurate content about how to redeem PUBG’s free power ranger skins. and also well-known for the steps and notes required for the redeeming process. With regards to this, if any user has any queries, please share them with us in the comment section down below.