We all have encountered forgetting a WiFi password either when trying to connect a new device or just wondering about what’s the WiFi password. Most WiFi users forget because they are using an ISP provider router, Which comes with a complicated default security key.

Today we will share some of the methods you can try to get your WiFi password hands-on. We will begin the easiest way and then move to more complex methods.


Yes, you can use your android device, which is already connected to the same network. If running the Android 10 or higher version, follow the following instructions.

How to share your Wi-Fi password on an Android phone
Courtesy: AndroidAuthority
  • Open Device Settings.
  • Head over to the Network & Internet.
  • Go to Internet/WiFi; look for a connected WiFi network.
  • Click on the Settings icon, and from there, tap on the Share icon.
  • It will display the QR code alongside the password written in plain text on the bottom.
  • That’s it!


iOS doesn’t bring that quick, But with the introduction of iOS 16. You should have iPhone 8 or higher to receive the iOS 16 update or an iPad with A9 CPU. To check, Here are the step-by-step instructions.

iOS 16 Finally Lets You See Your WiFi Network Password
Courtesy: MacRumors
  • Open Device Settings, and go to WiFi settings.
  • From there, Click on a network.
  • On the next menu, there you have the Password option.
  • Tap on it, and authenticate by entering a biometric or code.
  • Once you enter, you have your WiFi password.
  • To Copy, tap on it, and That’s it!


How to find WiFi password in Windows 11/10
Courtesy: TheWindowsClub
  • Open your Control Panel and head over to Network and Sharing center.
  • From there, you have Network Connection on the left panel.
  • After that, you have your network to choose from.
  • Select your WiFi, and then click on Status.
  • Choose Wireless Properties and then go to Security.
  •  There you have an option to unveil your password by checking the checkbox for the “Show characters.”


It is quite easy on the mac; for this, here is a quick guide.

How to find and share your Wi-Fi password
Courtesy: Zapier
  • Search for the Keychain Access.
  • Open it, and then Serch for the Wireless network.
  • Click on it, and then check the “Show password” checkbox, which appears at the bottom.
  • There you have your password.

Thanks for being with us; hopefully, this article remains helpful for you, and you have successfully found your lost WiFi password. If there is any query, share it with us in the comment below. Stay tuned for further updates in the future on the same.