Indeed, practically all daily (personal and professional) activities are now carried out via mobile applications, whether for home grocery shopping or attending a business meeting while lounging on the couch. As per the research there are 43.23% android accounts in mobile application. Android applications are mostly based on java programming languages. Basically, Java for android is quite good for app development.

Why is Java Best for Android Apps Development?

The statistic shows that there are 2.87 million apps available for download from the Google Play store, demonstrating how widely apps are used. But producing a high-quality app that provides a solution is crucial, and Java programming language is the best option. In this article, we’ll briefly introduce Java for android and discuss why it’s regarded as one of the top programming languages for building Android apps.

What is Java?

Java is a general-purpose programming language that was created in 1995 by Oracle. It was designed to be interpreted, executed, and compiled on most mainstream computer platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Linux/UNIX, and Mac OS.

Java in android development has object-oriented programming constructs, which can be used for implementing object-oriented applications. This language offers developers a workspace to build cross-platform applications without writing specialized code for each operating system.

Why is Java best for Android?

According to a survey by Evens Data Corporation, there are more than 8 million Java developers. This number is anticipated to expand as more businesses become interested in hiring Java developers that can create Android apps with a focus on solutions.

But why is Java regarded as the most important language for Android app development? Let’s find out!

  1. Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language

One of the key elements in Java’s reputation as the finest language for Android development is the fact that it provides object-oriented programming techniques. These adaptable techniques offer a collection of libraries that help you program efficiently.

Java is open-source, which also increases its importance for developing mobile apps. You can easily create the app you want by using the source code and making changes to the program based on your needs.

  1. Java is Platform-Independent

Java programming language has a reputation for independence dating back to the 1990s. Besides, its versatility encourages software engineers to prefer it to other languages.

Java in android being independent, you have the option to write (code) once and run it on multiple platforms. Hence, there is no need to write code for every other OS.

  1. Java comes with Development Tools

The Java programming language’s inclusion of a variety of development tools is among its many appealing qualities. You can easily construct apps using these tools without encountering many problems.

Some of the top Java development tools are:

  • Site24x7
  • ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • JUnit
  • NetBeans
  • Apache Maven
  • Mockito
  1. Java Offers Community Support

While developing apps, issues are inevitable; nonetheless, Java provides a resolution. For its developers, it has established a community forum where they can discuss their issues and find a solution.

  1. Java is Easy to Learn and Use

Java, due to its ease and use, is favorite among developers. This language is so simple to write and read that it gives you more of a feeling of the English language.

Due to Java’s high learning curve, you will find most of the universities covering it in the syllabus. However, you can find hundreds of Java courses out there to learn and start building your Android app. You can build your career in java for android development.

  1. Java in Android Secure Applications

Security is one of the challenges you may experience while developing a mobile app. However, Java ensures security by offering you a compiler, interpreter, and virtual machine.

Furthermore, it offers a wealth of features that streamline the development process and let you build a robust app with comprehensive coverage of all bases.

Future of Java for Android App Development

With so many new programming languages coming into the market, one question that comes to mind is: Does Java have a place in the future?

The answer is: YES!

Every year, Java has been among the top three programming languages (as seen in the image below). It has been used by over 12m software businesses to create their apps, so it stands to reason that it will continue to be popular in the future.

Why is Java Best for Android Apps Development?


Java is one of the most well-liked and simple programming languages, which is why most IT firms and developers prefer it when developing Android apps. This blog proves why Java for Android is both current and future-proof for several reasons.

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