If you are confused between Samsung and iPhone devices, it can be a tough choice to make. However, if you are already in the iOS ecosystem, here are some reasons why you should pick Samsung Galaxy over an iPhone device. Nowadays, it is easier to switch ecosystems as most things are moving towards cloud-based and cross-platform. Therefore, it is not a big deal apart from specific-device features.

If you are already in the Android ecosystem, then the Galaxy is an obvious choice for you as it gives you more benefits if you switch to a Galaxy smartphone. In this article, we will be sharing the top 5 reasons why you should pick the Galaxy over the iPhone. Without further ado, let’s delve into this.

Ecosystem: Android offers more than the iPhone in terms of support and customization. Samsung devices have two different app markets: the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store. You might already know the Google Play Store, which is the default app market to download Android apps. Whereas, the Galaxy Store offers its own set of Samsung apps, which offer more flexibility for Samsung users.

Wearable: Samsung is one of the few brands that offer great wearable devices. The devices run on WearOS based on Android developed by Google itself. There are a lot of things which are still growing, and it is getting better with the growing number of apps and support. It now has a seamless ecosystem with the Galaxy smartphone, and features like answering a call, email responses, and real-time feedback.

Samsung Dex: This is one of the best features. If you love productivity, then it is definitely for you. It allows you to use your mobile device as a laptop. It is not a Windows OS; instead, it is a good alternative to ChromeOS. This gives you full flexibility to use a full desktop for which you just need to connect the mobile device to a monitor or smart TV. You do need a keyboard and mouse. This is something that Apple iOS will not be able to offer anytime soon.

Secure Folder: Samsung will allow you to store sensitive personal apps, which will be separate from other folders. Galaxy users can easily move the apps and files into a secure folder. This even allows its users to create two different instances of apps.

Knox Security: This is one of the most advanced secure platforms. It offers kernel-level security, and it has also been trusted by governments across the globe. It uses a combination of hardware and software functions, through which it has real-time mobile protection and encryption. It takes a whole new level with the recent introduction of Knox Vault.