Google announced beta testing for end-to-end encryption for group chat in the RCS-based Message application. We saw Google test end-to-end encryption on group chats back in October at I/O.

RCS Chats are being pushed by the company. Google had already said that E2E for Group would be released later this year, but after leaks the company made it official. Search-giant also runs multiple campaigns to convince apple to make the RCS standard for its message app.

Google Message Beta is currently available for a handful of users and will expand its support for E2E group chat over the next few weeks. Not to mention, this site used to be more secure than the previous general chat room.

OEMs were also encouraged to adopt RCS, where they enabled features such as typing indicators and read receipts. However, Google struggles to deploy a good message and tries to compete with the 5-years struggling to replace SMS with RCS. Get APK here,

Recently, Google rolled out a brand-new icon for Google Message in addition to several new features. However, a stable update is expected to roll out to everyone by the end of this year. You can sign up to become a beta tester to receive the latest Google Message update.

Once you receive the update, you can continue with the encryption chat, and the lock icon will appear in the chat box next to the send button. Furthermore, regular SMS and MMS messages are not encrypted.