Even the Smartphone market is on the top and growing well. Numerous users want Shortcut apps to make shortcuts. And, For shortcut making, “Quick Shortcut Maker” is the only application that lets you easily create shortcuts. Initially, it has many features to compete with other Shortcut makers.

But, the latest v2.4 has a good lineup of changelogs influencing users to choose only Quick Shortcut Maker. Luckily, we are doing the same research and found some informative things about Quick Short Maker. For so, below, we share a guide covering everything relating to v2.4 and its download procedure.

Quick Shortcut Maker Released v2.4- Here’s how to download

The last update was also decent. It was easy to learn new exciting features that facilitate users in shortcut making. But, To become more efficient in shortcut making, Quick Shortcut Maker introduced a recent update, v2.4. From now, you can run hidden android settings without rooting your android phone. Additionally, there are some unusual things that you can do with Quick Shortcut Maker.

Quick Support Maker v2 4 Changelog.

Let’s talk about significant changes introduced with 2.4 updates. There is a long queue of new things such as UI Changes, Italian and Arabic translation, Android Phone7 theme, and added rating feature. Interestingly, earlier, there was a bug that you could not open Google Play Shortcut. But, with the 2.4 Update, it has now been fixed, and you can resume it. So, To have a quick look, let’s take a look below at Complete Changelog.

  • User Interface (UI) Enhancement
  • Italian & Arabic Translation Support
  • Rely on Android 7 Theme
  • Fixed a bug with Google Play Shortcut
  • Can rate Quick shortcut maker within the app

How to download Quick Support Maker v2.4 APK file

Besides that, You can download Quick Shortcut Maker from Google Play Store. But there are some users whose device has fewer Android versions. Meanwhile, the official app will be incompatible for them to download. Luckily, we got its official APK file to download on your phone easily. So, below are some steps to download such an APK.

Developer: sika524
Price: Free
  • Simply Download Quick Shortcut Maker v2.4 APK.
  • Once downloaded, locate the downloaded file on your device.
  • Tap on the downloaded file and the Install button.
  • Following this, the APK file will install in a moment.
  • That’s it, and You’re done with Installing Quick Support Maker v2.4 APK file.

How do I use Quick Shortcut Maker?

As we above said, the application is free to use that lets you create shortcuts for your desired file. You will see a feature option with the CREATE button by opening the app. So, Tap on such a creative option, and further, your specific application’s shortcut will be created.

Is Quick Shortcut Maker Safe?

Yes, Quick Shortcut Make is entirely safe. You can rely on its service and can install it on your device. It does not have any malicious code, so you can easily download it without considering any risk.

Conclusively, the Quick Shortcut Maker app is one of the proven applications for shortcut making. Initially, the app had good features and abilities. But, after the arrival of v2.4, the same has been enhanced a lot. We have even explained each aspect relating to the Quick Shortcut tool. If you still have any queries, then share us in the comment section below.