PUBG New State is dedicated to futuristic-style multiplayer games developed by Krafton and PUBG Corporation. Initially, it was released in late 2021 and is available on both iOS and Android. As a futuristic game, it needs several updates to explore futuristic things. And since its release, the New State has rolled out numerous updates.

Similarly, users are now waiting for the next update, v0.9.37. Keeping that in mind, developers recently posted complete patch note details on the YouTube Channel. Because the new update will roll out after the August 18th maintenance, we are sharing a guide to help you know the complete patch notes for the v0.9.37 update.

Patch Notes & Installation Guide for PUBG New State v0.9.37

Developers have scheduled server maintenance for August 18th, 2022. On that day, you will not be able to access New State between 00:00 and 06:00 (UTC+0). At that time, developers will add the v0.9.37 update to it. So that, after server maintenance, players can update the New State app and get the exciting arrival of such updates.

Moreover, numerous new things are coming to this update. Earlier, there was no information about it. All thanks to the developers, who posted a video on New State’s official YouTube Channel unveiling the v0.9.37 patch notes. But those are somewhat confusing to some players. Below are the complete patch notes for the v0.9.37 update.

New Weapon-Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle

PUBG New State v0.9.37 Patch notes & Installation Guide

The New State v0.9.37 update features a new weapon for the game. It is an AMR rifle with the highest damage among all the snipers. It can penetrate and damage enemy vehicles. Lynx AMR does not require any attachments except scopes. Meanwhile, this one is the best sniper rifle, but with a default of 10 bullets, and is available in care packages; Armory in Chest and Troi are the main downsides.

New Collaboration-Assassin’s Creed

PUBG New State v0.9.37 Patch notes & Installation Guide

Assassin’s Creed has now reached the New State also. Indeed, they have collaborated with Assassin’s Creed so that such enthusiasts can take advantage of both New State and Assassin’s Creed benefits in one place. The developers have prepared numerous missions related to the collaboration, and the winner will be rewarded on the collaboration’s subject.

New Volume for Survivor Pass-Vol. 10

Survivor Pass is one of the ways in New State that each player holding the pass is supported. Indeed, it includes various things that become very useful for survival. Luckily, developers update their survival pass internally. And, this time, survival has got its volume of 10. Here, you will get Shy-D from the Dream Runners faction. Additionally, players who complete the missions will be rewarded with Shy-D outfits.

Improved Gunplay for S1897, S12K & More

Previously, there were significant issues with some gunplay. For this reason, in the v0.9.37 update, developers improved gunplay for some specific guns. S1897 increased weapon damage while decreasing pellet speed from nine to one. Similarly, MK47 now supports a grenade launcher.

And the S12K now has a longer magazine, specifically a weapon capacity increase to 20. However, the reload speed gets slowed. So these are the gunplay changes I would like to see in the v0.9.37 update.

Other Minor Updates

Excluding the earlier updates, the v0.9.37 update will feature some other in-game updates. This update includes the armory alarm timer changed to 2.5 seconds, enhanced UI while parachuting, and players getting level 4 gears in deathmatch mode. Apart from that, an issue has now been fixed that automatically changes a player’s position.

How to download PUBG New State v0.9.37 Update:

Once you pass through the service maintenance period, you will be ready to download and install the new 0.9.37 Update. The update will roll out on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Still, some users are tense regarding where to download such notable updates. For this reason, below are the instructions to install New State 0.9.37 Update.

Note: If you have already installed PUBG New State on your device, tap on the update button in the 4th step.

How to download and install PUBG New State 0.9.37

PUBG New State is officially available to download for both Android and iOS.

PUBG New State is one of the Unique title offering 2051 experience in the game. More specifically, the appearance of the whole game is feels you the life of Year 2051. Because it has many In-game stuff which are based on future. Also, the game has includes a huge variety of features. From which some of the highlights are Tesla cars, Tesla Giga factory and many other future based exciting items.

Apart from this, if we talk about the system requirements for installing PUBG New State on your devices, they are given below as-

  • Android version: Android 6.0 or above.
  • CPU: 64-bit
  • RAM: 2GB or greater
  • Download size: 1.4GB approx.

Download NEW STATE Mobile APK

Alongside the official launch of PUBG New State on Android, developers released the game for iOS devices. For this, there are some system requirements you must follow. These requirements are that the OS must be iOS 13 or above, and the file size is 1.5GB. After following the given requirements, you can now proceed to download the game on your iPhone using the below given steps.

Download PUBG: New State APK and OBB File with Installation Guide

Before procedding ensure that you have enable third-party installation, for this you need to turn-on the Unknown Source installation.

  • Open Device Menu and head over to Device Settings
  • Click on Security
  • and from there you can get the Unknown Source menu.
  • Enable it and you can proceed to install the game on your Android Device.

Installation Guide for PUBG: New State

  • First thing First, Download the PUBG: New State Package and Unzip file
  • Then, Download Split APK installer and with the Help of Split Apk Installer
  • Click on Install APKs and then browse to select the APKs bundle from your File Manager.
  • Click on Select and then Start the Installation of PUBG: New State.
  • That’s it!

Download PUBG: NEW STATE on iOS/ iPad

Developer: KRAFTON Inc
Price: Free+
  • First, navigate to your app store and open it.
  • Next, Search for PUBG New State.
  • Then, click on the first result.
  • Now, click on Install to download the app.
  • Next, wait for the download and installation to be complete.
  • Finally, launch the new PUBG New State and enjoy the game.

Conclusively, PUBG New State is already a future-ready game. But, To expand more, they again introduced a new update, v0.9.37, that will start availing from August 18th. So with the help of the above steps, you can download such an update and get the experience of 0.9.37 patch notes. Still, if any user has queries, ask them in the below section.