PUBG Mobile allowing their users to get a chance to win the fool M416 skin and also can be upgraded at the lab for the death effect. PUBG Mobile gives time-limited crates for their player to celebrate the fool’s day. The event will valid till 30th April 2020. As this event allows their users to get fool M416 skin and furthermore Upgraded to death effect.

The fool M416 skin has a unique level to upgrade, which includes level, kill effect, kill message, Ultimate fool’s surprise and loot crate. You can upgrade fool skin by collecting material and paint. But, for the upgrade to various level, you have to collect different paints and material.

If you are more eager to upgrade the skin to the maximum level and upgrade it to deadly effect. Then, you have to pay around Rs. 1,00,000 of UC cash. It is the only way that you have to spend a large amount of UC to get the skin and upgrade it to deadly effect. If you have completely upgraded the skin then, as per PUBG’s announcement, you will get a death to kill effect. Which is quite similar to what is featured with Glacier skin.

Note – In India, you have to pay around Rs.1,00,000 UC but, In other countries, it is 1,30,000 UC approx.

Meanwhile, it is a very hard task to get the skin with the complete upgrade. If you really want to get the skin and upgrade to death effects then don’t waste time as the event is valid till 30th April.

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