Pubg mobile has recently rollouts its latest update 0.18.0 update across the world, where everyone is looking forward to the upcoming season 13 Royal pass and the named it toy playground. Which means the game is going to Green and white themed across the weapon, games and outfit. So let’s take a closer look forward it and know more about it.

Season 13 Royal pass price

If you are one of those players who is going to purchase the elite pass for the elite upgrade pass on pubg mobile, then you need to purchase UC from the store. Where it expected that the cost for the elite pass would be 600 UC. The elite upgrade plus pass cost you around 1800 UC. Where are the uses stand for the unknown currency that is the currency for the pubg mobile, and you need to purchase it with actual money through the transaction, and it will be available to buy from the store.


release date for the season 13

Pubg mobile has officially confirmed that the app schedules the launch for the pubg mobile season 13th. Pubg mobile will start the rollout season 13 on May 13, and you will be available to purchase the royal pass at 7:30 a.m IST. Likely if you belong together India, then the timing for India expected as May 13, 2020, 7:30 a.m IST (Kolkata + 5:30).

Season 13th Royal pass will bring fire Ranger at rank 50, and UltraTech finders set at rank 500. In contrast, the truck game features three different versions of the game available to play with a selection of basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Not to mention the game having some special mission to unlock the rewards.

Therefore there will be some additional new things, and players will going to first-year writing on the word because there is slight protection of the rank based on your season 12 ranking. In contrast, PUBG mobile 0.18.0 has added new features to the game. Hence still you did not have downloaded the latest update of the came, then it is recommended to download as soon as possible from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

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