Pubg mobile Lite 0.17.0 is finally released, and there were a lot of new things that have added to the game. Here today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about pubg mobile Lite 0.17.0, so let’s take a closer look at it and know more about it.

What’s new with PUBG Mobile Lite 0.17.0

The first thing for the game is going to be more optimized and giving white closer experience toward the pubg mobile and comparing pubg mobile Lite to pubg mobile having a lot of difference that pubg mobile Lite designed for low and performance device and the pubg mobile for every device. However, there are certain things that come with pubg-mobile-lite such as golden wood and varenga map to the game exclusively.


thing to note is that the payload mode is being like to play alongside popular at get more in the classic games. Payload mode allows players to play the game intensively give more intense match such as it having a helicopter to fly alongside rocket launches and much more.

Furthermore, there is a new location added to the game in the spawn Island inside and classic erangel map, therefore that Iceland having a lot of Level 3 loot, including gears as well. To reach that location, you need to drive through water with the help of a boat to reach the location.

Moreover, after a lot of requests to the pubg mobile Lite developers,. They have added companion welcome to the game that has been introduced with pubg mobile in November. As soon as you are going to update your game. You will likely get some perks to gifted worth rewards to available with the game. Additionally, pubg mobile Lite introduces a new bonus winner pass to the game gives you more reasons to unlock and rewards.

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