Pubg Mobile Lite is one of the most popular games around the globe, and they have recently announced the game will receive and new update today. Where the game is likely to be updated to the pubg mobile Lite version 0.17.0, and it is scheduled to release today at 1:30 PM CT.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.17.0

Starting with the game, it is going to receive an update of 192 MB of total download size on Google Play Store if you are wondering about Apple devices that are not available for iOS yet, where you can directly go to play store and update the game to the latest version to enjoy the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.17.0.


game has updated then you will going to receive some rewards, for instance, download the latest version. However, there were some significant changes as they have added the flying companion Falcon alongside payload game mode. Even this update is going to bring one of the most popular vehicles of the game BRDM 2.

We already know that the beta version of the pubg mobile light. That has launched back in October last year have this feature payload. Moreover, the payload is quite similar to the classic Battle Royale game, but it was more intense to play because it has more aggressive weapons. For intense, it includes all the grenades and the meaning to fight.

Furthermore, the pubg mobile Lite 0.17.0 also going to deliver an M3E1-A and MGL Grenade Launcher weapons alongsideBRDM-2 and AHG vehicles. Combining all these things, the game will going to be more intense and interesting as well. Pubg Mobile Lite 0.17.0 also added Falcon company that have been introduced with the pubg mobile last year in November.

The game will go to fix all the processes and the birds that have been reported. Also, there is a new display optimisation called synergy that makes your outfit cooler than ever. Not to mention those player have the winner pass will get more reward than a standard player.

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