We all know that PUBG Mobile becomes one of the most popular games as it allows their users to play with massive battlegrounds. The game is getting updates regularly which are all included in season 12, but it is now finally leaked, and according to a new leak by YouTuber Mr Ghost Gaming, the game will soon commence its 13th Season. The new season 13 will be called “Toy Playground”. Season 13 will get the toy theme and different types of skin, guns and power ranges will be added. Which will become a new practice to help users feel more adventurous while playing battlegrounds. And these new skins are quite similar to the live-action television series Power Rangers. It is mainly a combination of power rangers and Lego.

The perfect outfit for season 13 will unlocked at the last level of the royale pass. “Royale Pass” is a power ranger outfit which is quite similar to the others but looks more powerful. A great outfit with an inbuilt shield system. You can imagine it is quite identical to the Captain America costume.

While getting the Royale pass, the player will be able to unlock a level 3 Helmet skin. A new AUG skin and a bonus of two outfit rewards and both themes will get the toy theme. They can also win costume rewards such as Lava Superman or Flash Superman.

Furthermore, there perhaps the addition of a new character, “Andy,” who initially showcased with the tag line “I Can Make This Gun Talk,” and a much new voice chat option will available in the new season.

Season 12 PUBG mobile has already brought its 2nd-anniversary theme with the 0.17.0 version. PUBG Mobile did not officially confirm the Season 13 details.


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