Finally, Pubg mobile has announced New currency in the game called Diamond. Earlier it was UC cash which used for opening crates, levelling up vehicles and Upgrade weapons skin. The testers of 0.18.0 beta version of pubg tested many new features but the most suitable feature is the new diamond currency.

The new diamond is the same as UC cash but, it allows you some special features. And it is estimated that it will be the global version in the first week of May. So, it is a new concept of pubg for Changement in the currency. But, due to the addition of new currency, many players don’t know how can they get this currency and if they can get it so, what will be the best use of it. So, You do not worry about it. we will tell you how can you get diamond currency along with its uses.

can we get this new diamond currency in pubg?

Players will able to get these diamond by completing the various tasks and missions by staying there for 10 minutes to play. If you are more eager to get diamond currency, you can purchase them through your UC cash.
Even, Royal Pass users will receive extra diamonds as rewards when their RP level increases.

Note -Diamond missions list currently available at Daily challenges tab of pubg mobile beta. 

What Is the use of Diamond Currency?

The diamond currency will able to ban definite items. For example, if you want to draw premium crates, then you can these diamond currency to ban ordinary items. Also, Whenever you withdraw premium crates, you will get more chances to win exciting rewards. You are also able to ban the item which you have already got.

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