Earlier about Pubg mobile we have already announced that they are introducing a new mode called Cold front survival. Basically, Pubg mobile cold front survival is a new mode although, it is added to the Chinese server of Pubg mobile from last year as a name of Extreme cold mode. It also clarified that the pubg cold front mode have drone feature but, the extreme cold mode have not last year.

So, Finally, cold survival mode will come on the global version of pubg mobile but many players are still confused because they do not know how to play this mode and how can we survive. So, Don’t worry about it we will tell you everything about this mode.

New things in this Mode?

As you all know earlier, cold front survival mode will be played on the snow map of pubg mobile and also have a new column which indicates your warmth level. If your warmth level goes down then, your health also goes down so, it is necessary to keep yourself warm to survive. But, Not to worry because the snowstorm arises for every 5 minutes so, you have to maintain your warmth level in that meantime. If they added this new feature of the snowstorm so, they also give some items to warm yourself and survive. These items are Heater, Animals, Branch, Warmth pack.

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  • Branch – it allows you to use to set up a fire in any house whether a camp which will help you to warm yourself and also helps to maintain your health and Easily survive. As each branch can generate fire for 15 seconds.
  • Warmth pack – it allows the player to recover your warmness for 30 seconds but, it is a rare item so, Use it only on the high rate of need.
  • Heater – This item can be easily available but, while using heater you cannot use your weapons. And also it has some limited energy which will end with its limited time.
  • Animals – You can roast animals’ meat by using fire. So, it will lead to an increase in warmth level.
  • Drone – you will get a drone feature which will fly for 5 minutes.

Pubg mobile strategies and Survival tips

Without knowing completely about pubg cold survival, you cannot survive in the game so, we will tell you some basic tips to survive in this mode.

  • Pick a location with few players to make sure that no one can bother with your preparation.
  • Get all the essential tools like weapons and heating tools, which will help you to get food in any improper situation.
  • Always do everything quickly and then mobile into the circle.
  • During snowstorms, you will see many fire icons, mainly these are the places where other players get fire. So, With paying attention to these all, you can make your further strategy.

After you survive the first snowstorm, you will get 5 more minutes of freedom to collect more resources. If you want to kill other players, you can shift toward places near fire icons on the map. If you don’t want to take fights, select a location far away from those fire icons.

Pubg Mobile

Some important tips and tricks

  • Always Use Heater to get Shift during the snowstorm and Also, catch other players off guard at their fireplace.
  • You can also produce lots of Roasted Meat and because they help to warm yourself even without a heater.
  • Drones will be a very useful feature to look out the rest players left during the late game.
  • Always give importance to getting into the circle during fighting because you will not be able to live with the damage of both the Blue Zone and the snowstorm.

Note – There will be no Snowstorm available in the final circles which will help you to play the game as usual.

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Hopefully, we assume that this article remains informative for you, and you have successfully learned about the “PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival Guide – Everything You Need To Know”. Thanks for being with us, share your more valuable feedback and opinion If any query let us know in the comment section down below.