PUBG has officially announced that it is planning to add a new mode called “Cold Front Survival.” It will provide a unique opportunity, according to pictures from New mode. Clarifying that the players will be able to use the drone.

However, Call of Duty (Battle royale mode) has already availed this drone feature for a long time in which players have the authority to find their enemies automatically and also helps in disabling their abilities too.

But the drone feature of “Cold front Survival” will not be the same as Call of Duty. But, instead of automatic drone feature, in “Cold Front Survival,” players will be able to control it and fly it around to scout their enemies. And the drone has a battery limitation that allows you to fly for only 5 minutes.


you are using drone features, make sure; you are in a safe place because when you are using drone features, you are standing on the ground. Which may cause danger if you are standing on an unsafe situation. Apart from that, all the “Cold front survival” also introducing some new items like Heater, Meat, and Branches.

These items are introduced because, In this new mode, there will be Snowstorm at everyone’s in a while, for which you need to be warm yourself, so these items are much-needed at that situation. And you will get fire camps to be live, which are specified on the map. Meat all you know food is necessary to survive, and the last branch used to roast meat. For all these needs, these new items introduced.

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