After a long testing and development phase, PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update officially rolled out. As with every update, this 2.1 update has numerous new things in the game. However, it launched on 13th July 2022, available on App Store and Google Play Store. But, the 2.1 update patch notes are such that players crave to play it.

Especially the Ancient Secret Arise theme and Ultimate Arena are the main centre of attraction that players would like to experience. Royal Pass Month 13 is also on the same queue influencing players for the 2.1 Update. For this reason, below, we are sharing a guide explaining everything about PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update.

Download PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update APK, Patch notes & more


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Since its launch, PUBG Mobile has always been in the headlines. Because the only battle royale known for its exciting updates that freshen up players. And, such a reason is only one that enforces existing players to stick on PUBG Mobile only. Likewise, this new 2.1 Update has new things such as royale pass, cheer park adjustment and more.

Meanwhile, there is a lengthy overhaul of things that you must look at in the 2.1 Update. However, whenever a developer introduces a new update, they unveil its patch notes also. Similarly, 2.1 Updates has patch notes. But, These are very confusing and hard to understand. For this, below are the prominent patch notes for the 2.1 Update.

New Themed Game Mode

The all-new 2.1 Update witnessed two new themed game modes, Ancient Secret and Monument tour. You can explore the mysteries of Ancient secrets on Erangel, Miramar and live map. On the other side, you can explore the same on Monument Tour available on Erangel Map.

BLACKPINK Collaboration

PUBG Mobile has agreed on a new collaboration with X BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK is a popular South Korean Girls group that sings k-pop and other varied singing styles. BLACKPINK will debut in PUBG Mobile between 23rd to 24th of July. And, it returned between 30th to 31st July.

All new Ultimate Arena

PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update has a new arena section where players must do multi-battle rounds. Here the first team that wins four games will consider the winner. This arena is available on Erangel and Livik maps that you can access through Mode Selection >> Ranked >> Arena. Initially, there was no date, but it is now live from 11th August.

Cheer Park, Chat room & Result adjustment

Cheer Park is now updated with more shooting range, set trial crate, Two skyboxes and Improved pack size. On the other side, the Chat room has now added a friend invite button so you can invite your friends to that chat screen. PUBG MOBILE - 2.1 Update AnnouncementAlso, I added status finishes to moments and added emote button, a like button and other things to the results.

Royale Pass M13

The new month arrived; likewise, Royale passed month 13 featuring over the game. It is available from 19th July from 2:00 am to 18th August at 11:59 pm (UTC +0). Players can buy them by spending 360 UC and 960 UC, respectively, to enjoy the extreme benefits of a royale pass.

Cycle 3 Season 7 (C3S7)

PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update has introduced a new season with their previous Cycle 3. The new season code is named C3S7. The season period started from 19th July at 2:00 am to 19th September at 11:59 pm (UTC +0). For which, developers offer C3S7 Glasses, C3S7 Set, C3S7 Parachute, C3S7 – QBU, C3S7 Mask, and C3S7 Cover as rewards. Additionally, players get Season Bonus Point Card and a limited-time Rating Protection Card.

Other Improvements

The above is the significant and surprising changes in PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update. But apart from them, there are some other improvements such as Players can equip Silvanus Mask, mainly through inventory, Upgraded Single Purpose vouchers and other usual enhancements.

Once you read the PUBG Mobile 2.1 update patch notes, you all are craving to download such a significant update. But, due to a lack of knowledge, we know that you cannot install the 2.1 update on your device. For this reason, below are some instructions to help you download such an update.

Note: Due to Security concerns, PUBG Mobile was banned in India. So, players from India are requested not to follow the below steps. Also, ensure a minimum of 1GB of free space to install the new update.

  1. Download PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update from their official site.
  2. Then, wait for the apk file to download completely.
  3. Once downloaded, head to your device settings and enable installation from the unknown source option.
  4. Afterwards, head to the downloaded apk file location and tap on it to install.
  5. Following this, It will install on your device.
  6. Now, launch the app and log in with your credentials.
  7. That’s it, and You’re ready to enjoy the new 2.1 Update.

Collectively, A decent update rolled by Tencent to empower their player’s gaming skills. Additionally, players can know the powerful insights of BLACKPINK and other value-added things. However, we have covered every aspect of the 2.1 Update. Still, if any user has queries, ask them in the below section