PUBG Mobile has already added the new Arctic mode update to the game which makes very hunger games like element to the game. It expected that the 0.18 Update might Bring the Miramar 2.0, Bluehole Mode and many things. But now, the game is ready for preparing another update, with a lot of new things in the cards.

The 0.18 update for PUBG Mobile is reportedly being prepared now. The Pubg Mobile 0.18 update will be expected to be added to all Pubg Player on 24 April, shortly after which the company is expected to release the Season 13 royale pass in the game. Also, we will be expected to weigh in at around 2GB — that means a whole lot of new things is likely to come in the game.

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In the group of new things, it will expect that they introduce a new “Bluehole” mode in Evoground. In this mode, the next zone circle will pre-marked on the map. But only to reduce campers, the pre-marked zone will a “Blue-hole” because of this it gets name Bluehole mode. Moreover, Players inside the pre-marked zone take damage (Reduce your Health). In PUBG mobile 0.18.1 that players don’t camp in one place which ends up making the game boring, and sometimes will be frustrating.

Besides that, the game will be expected to get Miramar 2.0 update with racing ramp, vending machines, and more. Additionally, it looks like the map will also feature some intense dust-storms, so you cause visibility issues.

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