Since the Android Smartphone’s arrival, there has been a hidden secret kept with Google. As you notice, Google shows you such ads in which you are interested. Did you know how they find individual user interests?. Certainly, the different apps on your android share data with Google. For so, Google makes a sharp look and delivers as per your interest.

Moreover, there is a law that allows you to opt out of such app data sharing. Although, Only some android users know about such things. For this reason, they do not know how to stop apps from sharing data. Keeping in mind, we have prepared a guide that explains simple steps for Stopping app sharing data with Google.

How do I Stop Apps from Sharing My Data

From the early times, Google silently tracked every android user’s data to deliver his taste content. However, This thing was very annoying for privacy-concerned users. But, This was the bitter truth behind Google’s Interest Strategy. Furthermore, the common law passed that allows users to opt out of this forced data tracking.

Although Some Android users are known to have such information, they are unable to reach it. For this reason, we have studied the concern and prepared some instructions to stop app data sharing with Google. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

  • Simply, Navigate to the Settings App.
  • Scroll down and head over to the Google Account Section.
  • Now, Tap on Google Settings in it.
  • Locate and Tap on the Ads option.
  • Then, Tap on delete advertising ID and Confirm the action.
  • That’s it, and You’re done with Stopping apps from sharing data with Google.

After doing so, Your precious data will not be shared even through Google as it is a simple procedure to stop such annoying things. Even if you query with the same concern, then, make sure to ask your doubts in the comment section down below.