AVITA laptops, primarily sold offline, have a minimal online presence. However, many users still own these laptops. AVITA is a United States company established in 2017, making this brand younger than its competitors. This article will discuss some common issues consumers face, especially in Asian markets like India.

Overview of Avita laptops in India

Starting with the negative customer reviews, most people who buy laptops online have shared their reviews on e-commerce platforms like Amazon. There are more negative reviews than positive ones.

Stop Buying an Avita Laptop: Bad Customer Support, Stuck on Boot, and Windows Update Restart
  • Avita laptops tend to get hot, resulting in slow processing.
  • The laptop screens are low compared to their competitors in this price segment. Buying refurbished laptops from brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, or any other brand you prefer is better.
  • The battery degrades faster over time. They have been using lower-grade batteries. The battery for this device typically lasts only for a year.
  • Getting parts for this laptop takes much work. You must wait a long time, as they order it from Taiwan.

Most users also complain about the slow charging speed and excessive heat during charging, poor quality webcams, and defective keyboards.

Avita’s Laptop Stuck on Boot or Windows Update Restart

Many users have reported that their Avita laptop gets stuck in BIOS when turned on. Even after a CMS reset, your laptop might still be stuck. You should do a clean Windows install if your laptop is stuck on a Windows update. Another issue with Avita laptops is that they do not show BIOS, Advanced, or other menus when booting. It seems like Avita laptops have Fast Bootup enabled by default.

Stop Buying an Avita Laptop: Bad Customer Support, Stuck on Boot, and Windows Update Restart

For the boot menu, use function + F7 (Fn+F7) to perform a clean installation yourself. It is hard to know which key is used for what function on the motherboard. You can find other BIOS keys in the boot menu through the user manual that came with your laptop.

Avita’s poor customer service and lack of service centers in India

Avita does not seem to take Indian consumers seriously. There are no service centers in India. Vendors act as their representatives and handle situations poorly. Furthermore, India’s customer service needs to answer calls, making it difficult for general users to reach Avita.

Stop Buying an Avita Laptop: Bad Customer Support, Stuck on Boot, and Windows Update Restart

The after-sale service could be better, and Avita does not respond to emails. Reaching Avita’s customer service center is challenging since the warranty is directly from the manufacturer. Once you purchase this laptop, you are likely to waste a lot of time and money.

If you buy the laptop from Amazon, they will contact Avita’s customer service. However, they do not respond via calls, emails, or WhatsApp. You may keep trying until your warranty expires. There is no official customer care and no official service centers in India.