PlayStation Plus is one of the popular services that are usually offered for $60 per year ($5 per month). But, how would you react if we said you could get PlayStation Plus for less than $60 per year? As the officials introduce their subscription plan each month, offering users a new opportunity,

Likewise, PlayStation Plus has got a new batch of exciting deals that will surely encourage you to subscribe to it. However, you can get a bit confused between all of them. We have covered the entire subject for this purpose, and today we will share with you PlayStation Plus exciting deals and relevant information for the same.

The Best PlayStation Plus Offers – April 2022

The new April month comes with exciting new deals that are focused on PlayStation Plus. The developers have prepared a subscription structure through which you can easily compare which deal would be more beneficial to you. To that end, we’ve outlined the main highlights of each deal that will be available in April 2022 below. So, without any further delay, let’s move on to the below deals.

Digital PlatformMembershipPrice Path To Buy
EnebaPlayStation Plus$45.07/Year   Check-in
AmazonPlayStation Plus – 1-year$39.99/Year   Check-in
CDKeysPlayStation Plus 1-Year$49.99/Year   Check-in
Gamer’s GatePlayStation Plus 1-year$59.99/Year   Check-in
AmazonPlayStation Plus 1-year$55.99/Year   Check-in
Best BuyPlayStation Plus 1-year$59.99/Year   Check-in

The above-given table will show you the different PlayStation Plus deals available for April 2022. With these deals, you can easily compare which deal suits you better. Every deal contains some benefits and drawbacks. So, evaluate all those things and grab your preferred PlayStation Plus deal from the above ones.

Conclusively, if you are looking for the best PlayStation Plus deal, Then, this particular moment would be beneficial to you. As you can see, there is a vast difference in prices between all the deals. However, if you have any queries about the given deals, then feel free to ask them in the below-mentioned section.