Amazon Echo seems to be quite useful, there you can utilize it to control your Music, Checking Weather, but also you can make calls and video calls. It doesn’t matter if the recipient had Amazon Echo or not. Also, Apex does support Alex-to-Alexa on Apple iOS 9.0 or higher, and for Android 5.0 or higher,

It is quite identical to identical to Drop. If you don’t know how you can make a video call with Echo Show, today we will share with you how you can ale a video call using Amazon Echo Show.

How to Call Someone From Your Amazon Echo

It is quite easy to perform with Echo Device or Alexa app. So, Without Further ado, let’s check it out.

Register for Alexa-to-Alex Calling

If you haven’t registered for Alex-to-Alex, then here is how you can register for Alexa-To-Alexa Calling mentioned down below.

  • Starting with the Open Alexa app
  • Then, Click on Communicate appear at the bottom
  • Submit your name, Contact Details and then Verify your Mobile Number
  • Next, follow the on-screen instruction wizard and verify phone information.
  • That’s it.

How to Make or Receive a Phone Call

Once you have registered to Echo, then you can make a call by calling “Alexa, Call (Person’s Name),” and then Alexa will make the call. Here is the described instruction mentioned below if you want to make a call using the Alexa app.

  • Open Alexa App and then head over to the Communicate Screen.
  • Click on the Call icon, then Select the Contact
    • Which you want to make the call to.
  • That’s it
    • If the recipient has enabled the call through Echo, you can make either audio or video call.

How to Answer the Call

When you receive any call from Echo, the call will be control through the Alexa app, which the Echo owner sets. Through Echo App, you can make and answer the all. Also, to switch call to video call, toggle to enable Video and toggle to disable.

To end the call, you can either click on Call End on the Alexa app or say “Alexa, Hang up.” Before attending the call, you can view the recipient alongside other info, and you can reject or accept the call right away from the screen.

Drop-in on an Echo Devices

You can use the Drop-in feature to communicate with each other. The primary difference between both devices is that none of you has to accept the call as long as both have enabled the Drop-In feature. To utilize this, you both require to registered on Alex-to-Alexa calling. Just click on the Drop-in icon and set up your profile. At last, turn on the Drop-in functionality on your Echo device.

Drop-in at your House

To use it, all you need is to say, “Alex, Drop in on [Person Name] and then confirm to Alexa. Once the recipient is received, you can directly chat with him, and then when you want to hang up, say “Alexa Hang Up.” Additionally, you can use it with your Alexa app. For this, you need to grant permission for the camera. To enable on Alexa app, click on Settings and then navigate to the settings screen to enable the option. Revert to the Alexa app, and then you can make the call with the Alexa app using Drop-in functionality.

I hope this article helps you, and you have found this article useful if you have any query share them with us in the comment section down below.