Google is rolling out an instant update to the recently launched Google Pixel 6A to fix preventing the device from unlocking the Bootloader and any Performance mode to be installed on the device. This is one of the first OTA updates, and this started rolling out last week.

After the update, users can start unlocking the device’s Bootloader and can also be flash mods. Google is ensuring their device remains moddable so that all Pixel 6A users can root their device or flash custom ROM. If you cannot unlock the Bootloader on the Unlocked device, wait until the update reaches you, Since Google acknowledges and confirms it’s a known issue.

If you don’t know about the Bootloader; it is software that boots the OS (Operating System) on the device. Accessing Bootloader gives you complete access to the device, and this process is known to be Rooting. You can flash custom ROM and mods to the device by unlocking the Bootloader.

Some OEMs don’t allow unlocking bootloaders, and Google is one of them which allows unlocking and moving their device. Reportedly, many users aren’t able to access the Bootloader, and Google confirms they have to fix the Pixel 6A Bootloader unlock issue with the latest update.

Google Pixel 6a bootloader unlocking issue fixed in the latest update
Courtesy: Android Police

You don’t have to wait longer to experiment with third-party ROM on your Google Pixel 6A. Therefore, the Patch note for the update didn’t mention any. The update is currently rolling out for Verizon MVNOs, Verizon, and Japanese carriers. We can be expected it to release globally quite imminent.