How to enable Password Protection to My Activity usagesGoogle now allows you to protect your Google Seach history on a Shared device to enable privacy and security. My activity page is one of the most essential for your account because it has a history of your usage and interaction like YouTube Watch History and the Website you visited.

To ensure your activity remains protected and cannot be accessed, you can enable Google My Activity Password to be prompted to enter your Google account password to verify the access for entire history.

Enable Google My Activity Password

How to enable Password Protection to My Activity usages
Courtesy: MakeUseOf
  • Open Google My Activity on your choice of device.
  • Sign in with the account you want to enable password.
  • Click on Manage My Activity Verification, and it will pop up about this functionality.
    How to enable Password Protection to My Activity usages
  • Then Check the checkbox for the Require Extra verification and then Select Save.
  • Google will ask for verification, Enter the password, and That is it!

You have now enabled the password to protect your google my activity. Data stored on My Activity includes activity from your Google Device, Android device, assistant-enabled speaker, Chrome, and other Google products.


Additionally, suppose you want to have an extra layer of security. In that case, it is advised that you delete history on a regular period or set it to delete automatically. After enabling auto-delete, your Google My activity will be removed after 18/30 Days. Not to mention, You still need Google 2FA in case you have enabled it for your accounts.