Google announced Android 13, and major OEMs still catch up with Android 12. Today, OnePlus officially released the update for its OnePlus 7 and 7T Series; devices already start receiving updates. This update brings a major update to the device, OxygenOS 12, based on Android 12. Beta testing takes eight months.

OnePlus seven series includes OneplUS 7, 7 Pro, 7T, and 7T Pro, and the device has major improvements and optimization. Android 12 is already a year old, and on top of this update comes an August 2022 security patch.

Download Android 12 based OxygenOS 12 for OnePlus 7, and 7T Series | Stable Update

Update for the OnePlus labeled H.28 and F.16 for Build for 7 and 7T series, respectively; this update has a visual overhaul alongside new features. Beta participation will receive the update and then begin gradually rolling out to others.

However, you can download the stable OxyegenOS 12 for your smartphone. You can sideload the update on your device, Checkout here. To Ready complete patch note, Check OnePlus Community here

Manually Install OxygenOS OTA Update on your OnePlus Smartphone

  • First, download the Firmware package, and Move to the root of the device’s internal storage.
  • Next, Open Devie Settings and scroll down to system; there, you will find System update at the bottom.
  • On System update, Click on the gear icon placed in the upper-right corner of the device.
  • Choose Local Upgrade, and then browse the package.
  • After that, there will be a pop-up warning to choose Install Now.
  • There you have it, and Your device will be updated with the latest version after reboot.

DOWNLOAD Android 12- OxygenOS 12

DeviceFull Update – OB Users
OnePlus 7 (GM1901_11.H.28)Download
OnePlus 7 Pro (GM1911_11.H.28)Download
OnePlus 7T (HD1901_11.F.16)Download
OnePlus 7T Pro (HD1911_11.F.16)Download
Courtesy: Some_Random_Username (XDA-Developers)

That’s how you can install the latest version of OxyegnOS without waiting for OnePlus to roll out the update to your device.