Microsoft Outlook is a personalized email client available as a part of Microsoft Office Suite. As an email client, it has numerous features like Gmail like Calendar, task manager and more. With Outlook, you can sync your data over their cloud and access it anywhere. But, recently, some users complaint about frequent password prompts 

Certainly, Outlook is continuously prompting for passwords. Due to this, Outlook users are tense and worried about their Microsoft accounts. Luckily, we are doing the same research and noticed those users’ concerns. For that purpose, here we will discuss fixing Outlook frequently prompting for Password on Windows 10.

How to fix Outlook keep asking for my password on Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the advanced versions of Microsoft. Suddenly, a concern arose over the web. In which users are complaining about frequent prompts asking for passwords. Although, this is not a glitch. But, Some unaware users are looking for a fix. Specifically, there is a dedicated option to enable/disable such a password prompt.

You might enable that frequent prompt option. In such a case, you need to disable that option. So, below are some steps to disable password prompts on Outlook.

  • Simply, Open Outlook and Choose the File option.
  • Then, Click on Account Settings and choose your exchange account.
  • Next, Click on the change button >> More Settings button.
  • Now, Select Security Tab and Unmark the’ Always prompt for login credentials’ option.
  • Then, Click on Ok and restart Outlook.
  • Hence, Your Outlook Password Prompt Issue has now been fixed.

How to recall an email in Outlook?

With Outlook, You can recall or replace an email message that you have sent. However, some users are known to use such features but are not able to use them. For such a reason, below are the steps to recall or replace an email in Outlook.

  • First, Open Outlook and Select Sent Items Folder.
  • Double click the message to open another window.
  • Now, Select File << Info << Message Resend and Recall.
  • Then, Click on Recall this Message and Choose between the given options.
  • Next, Mark ‘Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient’ Checkbox and Click OK.
  • That’s it. Your sent email will be recalled.

How to add a signature in Outlook?

In Outlook, users can add their wanted signature easily. Similar to the recall feature, Users are aware of that but unable to use it. For such a reason, below, we have mentioned steps to add a Signature in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Begin with Opening Outlook and click on Settings.
  • Next, click on view all settings and Select Mail.
  • Under Mail, Choose Compose and Reply.
  • Now, Type your Signature under the Email Signature option and click on Save.
  • That’s it; your Signature is added to Outlook.

How to change the signature in Outlook?

While creating a Signature, Sometimes the user creates the wrong signature. And, due to lack of information, they worried about changing it. However, there is a simple option to change such signatures, but as usual, they are unable to do so. For that purpose, below, we have mentioned steps to change the Signature in Outlook.

  • Firstly, Open Outlook and Click on File.
  • Then, Click on Options << Mail << Signatures.
  • Now, Click the Signature that you want to change.
  • Next, make your changes under the edit signature box and click on save.
  • That’s it, and You have changed your Signature in Outlook.

Conclusively, Outlook is a better medium to use mailing services with different points of view. So, we have cleared a lot of queries with the same. Even though, if any user finds doubt and then feel free to ask them in the comment section down below.