United States’s mainstream network service provider, T-Mobiles, has more than 102 Million (Q4 2020). Recently, They have been caught doing suspicious activities such as selling their user’s data to third-party advertisers. Earlier this month, T-Mobile unveiled its advertising platform, App Insights.

T-Mobile has been testing this service for almost a year; the app’s primary goal is to connect advertisers and marketers to purchase user data. This allows the buyer to track which app you Open, Wi-Fi connectivity details, and the Website you visit, and segment and target subscribers based on the app.

How to opt-out of T-Mobile from sharing your data with advertisers program

Opt-In was enabled by default for all users, which applies to Metro and Assurance Wireless (Subsidiaries of T-Mobiles). Privacy-Policy has been updated with a section called “audience Segment.” Meanwhile, Business and Children T-Mobile were opt-out as of now by default.

Data collected by T-Mobile

How to opt out of T-Mobile’s creepy new data collection program
Courtesy: T-Mobiles
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Credit Card Number
  • Interest
  • Preference
  • Behaviours
  • IP Address
  • cookie Ids
  • ad Ids
  • Device IDs

Companies claim. Advertisers cannot view individual user data. Instead, it shows a group of users using the same app, Website, and other similar data. This sounds similar to Google Topics API. However, Apple users seem to be protected by this service even after this feature is enabled.

Example illustrations of what you can see about 3rd party cookies (left) vs Topics (right). In Chrome, we plan to make Topics easier to recognize and manage for users.
Courtesy: Google

Thanks to Apple’s strict privacy guidelines, T-Mobile say they can extract data. However, there are not considered Apple devices as of now. On the other hand, Android users are the ones who are got affected by this service. You can opt out of this program to ensure your data will not be used for target ads.

How to Stop T-Mobiles from Selling your data to third-party on Android

For this, you need to download the T-Mobile Ads Platform app to opt out of this program to stop T-Mobile carrier from selling your data to advertisers.

How to Stop T-Mobiles from Selling your data to third-party on the Web

How to Stop T-Mobiles from Selling your data to third-party using My T-Mobile

  • Open My T-Mobile, and head to My Account to open a context menu.
  • Click on Profile, and then go to Privacy and Notifications.
  • Select Advertising & Analytics, and then choose the Profile.
  • From there, Toggle to disable the “Use my data to make ads more relevant to me.”
    How to stop your cell provider from sharing (some of) your data
  • Done.

If you want to opt-in back, then follow the action again. T-Mobile resumes to collect your data and start selling to advertisers. You can follow the same steps for the Sprint account by navigating My Account > Preference > Manage advertising and analytics preference.

For Metro, Open the My Metro app, and Navigate to Account > Network and Location Settings > Toggle to disable > Use my data to make ads more relevant to me.