XML file (Extensible Markup Language) is nothing but a programming language similar to HTML. Every day, we deal with numerous file formats; XML is one of the most widely used. It is because XML files are required at many places that use the language that it supports. There are numerous software programs that support XML files, but not all do.

Like Microsoft Office, it is universal office utility software. It still requires additional tweaks to run any XML file. Unexpectedly, putting XML into Google Docs also allows us to run it. The coolest part is that such imported files are readable. But the issue arises because many users don’t know how to import XML into Google Docs. So, let’s start with the guide.

How to import an XML file into Google Docs?

Files in XML format are stored in a secure manner. Your data is stored in a typical programming language. That’s why when it opens in Notepad, it shows you results that are beyond your understanding. Thanks to Google Docs, you can easily import that XML file and understand it as Google Docs has a dedicated option for only importing XML files.

Certainly, Google Docs has a feature called ‘IMPORTXML that assists import of various structured data types, including XML, HTML, CSV, TSV, RSS and ATOM XML feeds. But here, we are faced with importing an XML file into Google Docs. In light of this, we have provided some instructions below for importing any XML into Google Docs.

  • Simply Double Click on the XML file.
  • Next, it will open in Notepad.
  • Now press CTRL + A to copy the entire text.
  • Then visit on your PC.
  • Click on the icon to create a new blank document.
  • Now paste the text that you copied in step 3.
  • That’s It, and Your XML file has been imported into Google Docs.

Furthermore, if you recall, we said there is a Google ImportXML feature. Because when you import XML into Google Sheets or even Google Docs, it does not import the entire text at once. ImportXML was created to ease the user’s experience. It is imperative to note that before using this feature, you must know the basics of markup languages.

Note: The ImportXML feature is exclusive to Google Sheets. So make sure to perform these steps on Google Sheets.

  • Start with a right-click on the XML file.
  • Click on Inspect to open the source code.
  • Now see how your data is tagged.
  • After that, open Google Sheets on your device.
  • Next, fill in this information in the first cell by replacing the URL with the address of the site you are pulling over. Forex =importxml(“URL”, “//td”)
  • That’s it, and your XML file will be imported shortly.

Conclusively, these are the most practical ways to import XML into Google Docs. Importing XML can be quite tricky for the average user. You can instead use Google Docs. Concerning this, if any user has queries about the topic, feel free to ask in the comment section down below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I import an XML file into Google Docs?

Ans. Refer to the following guide to learn more about it.

Q2. Can Google open XML files?

Ans. You can open an XML file in Google Docs using the above-mentioned steps.

Q3. Can Google Docs read XML?

Ans. Google Docs can read XML files but not completely. 

Q4. What is the most convenient way to open XML files?

Ans. These are the most efficient ways to open any XML file.