Since mid-2021, we have heard that OnePlus is planning to release a tablet. This product has been leaked multiple times over the past one and a half years.

Until July 2022, we had not heard anything about it. Apparently, the device has been delayed and may be released as early as 2023, according to a tech influencer. It has now been confirmed by a reliable source four months later. OnePlus is developing a tablet, according to tipster Max Jambor. The product will be released next year. There is nothing more he can say, unfortunately.

It has been reported that OnePlus’ first tablet will be called OnePlus Pad. Additionally, they suggested it could be a better version of the Oppo Pad. However, it seems that OnePlus has abandoned that product. If not, the device should have been released by now.

This indicates that the tablet that OnePlus is planning to launch in 2023 might be a new product. Oppo’s upcoming tablet could either be a rebadged version of its current tablet or a unique device.

The coming weeks will provide more information on whatever it is. Certifications, firmware, and even renders of the device are likely to leak if OnePlus is planning to release it. In the meantime, let us know what you want from a OnePlus tablet in the comments section.