Earlier, there was a little-known smartphone manufacturing company called OnePlus. Initially, the company introduced its phones with high-end costing. But, All thanks to Google’s mantle that helps make low-cost, developer-friendly devices that you could root and ROM easily. Later, the company grew massively and became a live example in front of other tech. Giants.

Moreover, There are competing other smartphone companies. OnePlus has Violated their GPL and destroyed the device seeding program. They are all the promises made at 2019’s Open Ears Forum. So, here we will let you know all the promises that OnePlus and dissolve their well-settled company.

OnePlus Broke All Promises Made At 2019’s Open Ears Forum

Since its launch, the company has not been so popular, and its smartphone price starts from around ₹40,000. Alongside, the other companies give competitive phones at a meager cost compared to the OnePlus. But, later on, OnePlus improved its pricing along with consistent quality. Meanwhile, the company found a proper track to run over the global markets.

But, The promises made at the open Ears Forum 2019 disappointed the users and developers. They wisely promised and were not able to fulfill them. Users can ignore it if they violate any of the promises. But, they cannot meet all the commitments below, which reduces the OnePlus’s Goodwill.

According to Open Ears Forum 2019, the company has listed promises queued from Kernel Sources to More OnePlus community Meetups. Unfortunately, the company is unable to fulfill those commitments. Alongside, OnePlus promised to introduce a bounty program for reporting security vulnerabilities. But, it also targeted the same, and that community site is now showing error 404. 

OnePlus is Guaranteed to fix issues with Overly aggressive app management. You can see that the OnePlus Nord N20 5G still has the same problem. Meanwhile, numerous promises OnePlus made. For a quick look, below, we have mentioned the significant commitments made at Open Ear Forum 2019.

OnePlus Broked All Promises Made At 2019's Open Ears Forum
  • Kernel sources to be released on time
  • Fix the Apps getting killed in the background.
  • Expanding the existing device, seeding programmer OnePlus community meetups.
  • devices Seeded quicker to developers 
  • Bounty Program for reporting security vulnerabilities.
  • Promoting custom ROMS on OnePlus forums.

These are the major promises that OnePlus made at Open Ears Forum 2019. It means that OnePlus proved below standard for their commitments. Furthermore, the company’s CEO Self resigned and dissolved the company. Although, the company is going at a good pace in the market. But, these broken promises hurt the OnePlus developers as well as users.