OnePlus has started rolling out their latest Color OS 11.2 with the package build number Color OS 11.2.A.05 in china. Whereas Color OS 11.2 based on Android 10. Therefore, the update likely to be available for Indian. The update brings a lot of major improvements, Optimizations and knows bugs fixed. Not to mention, the update will be extended in near future.


  • Ensure you keep a backup of your data to avoid incompatibility or unforeseen circumstances.
  • You might experience, heating, lagging and fast battery draining in order to several optimizations automatically. However, it will become normal after few days, once it did with automatic optimization.
  • Some third-party application might not compatible with Android 11.

How to Check Software Update on OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

It is quite easy to perform, follow

the following steps mention down below.

  • First thing first, Open your device settings and then head over to the software update.
  • After that, click on the Check update, and then there it notifies you about your current stats of update.
  • Once, you received it, click on Update Now.
  • That’s it.
Update log - Changelog


  • [Optimize] System power consumption, improve battery life
  • [Bug fix] Game scenes using Bluetooth headset sound delay problem
  • [Bug fix] Known issues and improve system stability


  • [Optimize] Night mode algorithm, improve the scene atmosphere and image purity
  • [Optimize] White balance consistency in the rear camera for more uniform image performance
  • [Optimize] Rear camera sharpening performance in high pixel mode and indoor scenes


  • [Optimize] Network transmission performance, improve communication network stability
  • [Optimize] WLAN connection for better internet experience

Previous changelog from Color OS 11.2.A.04:


  • [New] Flashback key, key information will be displayed on the flashback key after switching applications, click it to quickly return to the application (Path: Settings – Convenience Tools – Flashback key)
  • [New] Hoverball function (Path: Settings – Handy Tools – Hoverball)
  • [New] New OnePlus Watch adaptation, you can check the key data of the watch through OnePlus Health
  • [Optimize] Notification bar “Clear All” button design, improve ease of use
  • [Optimize] System power consumption, improve battery life
  • [Fix] Known issues and improve system stability


  • [Optimize] Rear camera noise and color performance in indoor scenes
  • [Optimized] Rear camera focus and video screen stability
  • [Optimize] Camera photo and video experience
  • [Optimize] Super wide-angle movement time delay experience
  • [Optimize] Camera zoom experience
  • [Optimize] Camera stability


  • [Optimize] Health app icons, improve visual experience


  • [Optimize] Online game network latency, improve smoothness


This is rolling out in batches, through which it was a phase (Staged rollout) in order to ensure the updated stability so far. Whereas You

How to downloads and install on OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

With this following method, you can also roll out by downloading the stable firmware package. Follow the following guide mention down below.

  • Download the Color OS 11.2 stable package and then copy it to the internal storage.
  • After that, Navigate to Settings -> System -> System Upgrade -> Gear in the upper right corner -> Local Upgrade -> Click on the corresponding installation package -> Upgrade now -> System upgrade
  • Now, Restart once it 100% upgrade.
  • That’s it.

DOWNLOAD Color OS 11.2

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