Oneplus 7 Pro Bring an Awesome Camera in its Segment. As it brings Rear Triple Camera Setup of 48MP Sony IMX486  F/1.7 Primary + 8MP Sony IMX471 F/2.6 Ulta-Wide + 16MP Samsung s5k3m5 Telephoto Lens. Which Features a 3K Optical Zoom and 4K Video Recording at 60FPS along Dual OIS. But it that a 3x Optical Zoom or Not.

There Were Some Report Said it Wasn’t a 3x optical Zoom on Reddit. Reddit User @u/Kuya

OnePlus 7 Pro’s Telephoto Camera is NOT 3X optical Zoomed as Advertised.

Yes, that’s True Oneplus 7 Pro Telephoto Lens Doesn’t Provide you with a 3x Optical Zoom. While you Can Check Yourself by Putting a Finger on Your 3rd Camera Sensor, Which is a Telephoto Lens. The Fact is the Telephoto Lens Only Provide you with a 2.2x Optical Zoom. The 2.2x and the Portrait Image is Same Means the Telephoto lens is a 2.2x Zoom Not a 3x Zoom.

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You can Check yourself by Dialling *#808# Where you can Check the Second Back Camera preview Without Using Telephoto Lens. Which Again Show the Same Image from Portrait and 2.2x Zoom Image. There is More The Resolution the Portrait Mode Image is 13MP but 3x Was 8MP Photo. 

But How it can If OnePlus Says “8MP” but capturing 13MP. Here oneplus Says 

"The Oneplus 7 Pro has 3x Zoom with No Digital Zoom or Loss of Detail. The Telephoto Camera Serves Two Main Purpose. 3x Zoom and Portrait Mode Photography. It WIll Switch the Field of View Depending on the Camera mode With 3x Zoom. The Telephoto Camera Delivers the Advertised Lossless 8MP Image. Portrait Mode Uses all 13MP From the Sensor in the Telephoto Camera." 

We Noticed that it Don’t Mention Optical Zoom Instead of Lossless. It is Now Clear that the Oneplus 7 Pro Used to Crop the 13MP Image Down to 8MP. That’s How it Says “3X” Zoom.  This Same Contervesary Happen in 2019 as Well at the Time of Oneplus 5. “OnePlus 5 Telephoto Camera was only a 1.6x Optical Zoom but Advertised as 2x Zoom.

This a Wrose Side of Biggest Smartphone Manufactures about there Flagship Smartphone. Already, OnePlus 7 pro has Awesome Camera Features Including We Said as Misleading their Customer, Fell for those Whose Buying Smartphone because of Trust. I don’t think Oneplus need to Do this.

It is Wrong 3x Zoom, as it was 2.2x Zoom Which We called as 2x Zoom (57.447mm / 26mm = 2.2095x PHYSICAL Optical Zoom). In addition, they lie about 13MP Telephoto Sensor as Well But it Was not an 8MP Sensor. The 3x Zoom Capture 8-MP Images But According to the Diagnostics App Hardware Infor Suggested there is No 8MP Sensor as Well.

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We Don't have any Problem With Less Hardware for Paying Less Compare to Other Flagship Competitor But Falsy Making Claiming isn't Fair.

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