Today we will be talking about the OnePlus 10T, and it’s been a month since the device’s launch. We have mixed opinions and thoughts about the device that we like to share with you. This Review does consist of the thoughts across the available sources, Where we have found not-so-positive gratitude toward this smartphone. We mainly see this smartphone to be a semi-flexure phone with minor compromise.

OnePlus 10T

OnePlus 10T review
Courtesy: Techradar

The device has no outstanding features, and it has all the generic specifications that you see similar specifications on Iqoo 9T and Zenfone 9. Nothing exciting and unique; the device’s design is identical to OnePlus Nord. On top of these, OnePlus used to have a special feature: Alert Slider.

This device is missing out on the Alert slider, as OnePlus says Motherboard with more layout utilization rate, Not stacked. Nobody is happy about this decision, and the design is pretty generic. Brands like Realme work with designers to make the device unique.

Other brands like Vivo, with innovative color changing, and Semi-Transparent Nothing, show the extra efforts put in by these brands. OnePlus 10T Comes with a 6.7-Inch AMOLED Display panel, and the device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Soc. In terms of the camera, there is a 50MP Triple camera module. It packed a 4800mAh battery to power the device using a 150W fast charging solution.

Display, Speaker

It comes with a relatively good quality AMOLED Panel with thin bezels, bringing the pleasing color reproduction alongside nice Contrast levels and viewing angles. Good for content consumption, but the speaker is more toward a balanced approach.


OnePlus 10T 5G Review: Speed Above All Else
Courtesy: Gadgets 360

Even though it has a 50MP primary camera sensor that captures vibrant shots and a balanced dynamic range, the other two cameras are below average. Instead, they should offer a better ultra-wide angle camera. If we compare it with the OnePlus 9 RT, it has a better ultra-wide angle camera.


Everyone in the tech industry is saying Software upfront isn’t the same as it used to be. After the merger, everything from the Camera layout, Settings resembles colorOS. Not to mention, UI is well-optimized, everything from 120Hz, and feels smooth. However, it does not offer the same OnePlus experience. You can expect faster, Stable updates after the OnePlus Merger with Oppo, which includes cost-cutting for OnePlus, Which can be used for R&D to develop a better smartphone.


OnePlus 10T review: quick as a flash
Courtesy: 91Mobiles

It comes with the powerful Mobile Platform, Which Android has to offer Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. It gives you great power and thermal capacities. Playing Genshin Impact with the Highest Graphics settings @60fps for 40 Minutes, you will get 44fps with 27% CPU usage and 84% FPS stability.

However, It is not well optimized to run 120 Fps games, but we can assume the new Soc takes time before the developer puts effort. Even though, You won’t find any lags or issues when it comes to everyday performance. Talking about the Optical fingerprint scanner and Haptic feedback is pleasing.


With this device, you will get 7hrs of screens on time, which could last long for a day if you use the device normally. You don’t have to worry since it has ultra-fast charging; you can charge the device within 20 Minutes.

This device has a price tag of Rs 49,999 (~649 USD) for the 8/128GB configuration. As the company makes some major changes to its strategies, We found the device to have a standout. However, nowadays, the device itself feels more generic. Due to these factors, Charms, as the brand, is rapidly falling.

Many people blame the Oppo and OnePlus merger, but there are more things behind the merger. This device is good for performance-centric users, But it lacks the OnePlus vibes.