Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that the Dictate feature was coming to OneNote. However, some OneNote beta users received this feature couple of months back, and now it is finally rolling out to everyone.

Microsoft is rolling out the Dicate to OneNote Windows 10 app and the Classic OneNote Desktop app. Now, you can use your speech on OneNote to write text for you. It will convert your speech to text, making writing notes easier.

Additionally, there is a major improvement and precision. It uses special commands like add punctuation, Changes formatting, or organize your text such as Strikeout text, Bold, italic, or more. Currently, OneNote Dicate supports 51 different languages, including US and US English.

“Now it’s easy to break away from the keyboard and stay in the flow by using Dictate with AI-backed voice commands to add, format, edit, and organize your text,” explains Sofia Thomas (Product Manager of Microsoft’s Office Voice Team) . “Over the next few months, we’ll be adding new voice commands as well as some that are already available in other Office apps to OneNote.”

Supporting 51 languages makes it more accurate, and Microsoft also releases the OneNote Dicate command page to learn more commands. You can update your OneNote to use this functionality, and now it even supports on Web.

Check the OneNote toolbar in the Home Section if this feature is not enabled. From there, you can find (and enable) the Date. To use the OneNote desktop app, you require Microsoft 365 Subscriptions in order to use this feature.

How to Enable Microsoft OneNote Date Feature

Microsoft OneNote's new Dictate feature supports AI-powered voice commands

  • Open OneNote, and then stay on the home tab.
  • There you will find the Dictation Settings option.
  • After clicking, it offers you to set your preferences.
    Dictate is now rolling out in OneNote so you can write with your voice
    Courtesy: Microsoft
  • Now, You can start speaking, and it will start writing text. Not to mention, Do click on the area where to write.
  • To Stop, Say Stop dictation or click on the Stop Dictation button on the dictation tab.
  • That’s it!
‎Microsoft OneNote
‎Microsoft OneNote

The company has also revamped the Android version with a new home page and support for Voice dictation with its recent update. Not to mention, on a Mobile device, Microsoft is not forcing you to have Microsoft 365 Subscription. However, the Android version is limited to less language support.